Saturday, October 28, 2006

Outlet Stores Ho!

I rediscovered one of the wonders of the USA today - Outlet stores!! There is a whole group of them about half an hour from our place. We were headed to Providence, RI, but got side-tracked at these stores and never made it there!

My favorites by far were La Creuset, Williams-Sonoma , GAP, Banana republic, and Barney's. Very good. We are getting incredibly good at looking and not buying though. All we bought in about 2 hours of shopping was one pair of pants (for me, from GAP, that were only 12.00!!). Granted, there was a martini shaker and set at Williams-Sonoma we were going to go back for but forgot :-(. Next time! My mother-in-law mailed me the fabulous martini glasses she bought me for Christmas last year, so I need to pick up a shaker! They are currently in-use as decoration on our bookcase. There was much else to "go back" for throughout the day, but we managed to escape with out money intact :-).

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King D said...

"With out money intact"??? I think you mean "with ouR money intact". I have to admit that this outlet store thing is actually quite good from a mans perspective. All the stores were in one spot, there were some that weren't just clothes or kitchen ware (like Coleman's), and most of the stuff for sale was cheap. (Not the food fair though) There were even benches everywhere for the men to sit down while their wives and significant others shopped. I was impressed.