Sunday, June 11, 2006


Yes...the realization that we are actually moving is sinking in. There is already one important event in the life of a close friend we'll be missing...and I know there will be more. This is the sad part of moving such a distance.

I will miss my brother's beautiful son's first few years.
I'll miss one of my best friend's vow renewal (and - to point out the obvious - a stellar opportunity for dancing with her. This is one of my favorite things to do).

Daryl and I were having dinner on the balcony (so hot inside!) and an old counting crows song came on. Everytime I hear it I think of the first Sleep-over I had with someone who has since become one of my closest friends. We were 13 or 14 I think...and I remember dancing around in my room to counting crows. We were so cool. I think there was some Nirvana involved too. That was our first "bonding" night. We stayed up and talked and from then on have been there for all of the important events in each other's lives.

That was also part of the beginning of a group of friends that formed in highschool, and astoundingly, remain close today. Though many of us live further away now, and have come and gone over the years, we all remain close. When we see each other, though we've changed individually, our ability to relate to each other, and that bond we have doesn't go away. It's something I cherish.

So, I guess tonight, I'm feeling nostalgic. I'm thining of the past (as I often do when facing a new future). I am also looking towards the future though. I'm so excited for this adventure we're embarking on. It's hard to belive we're actually doing it!

So, on the "looking towards the future" note - today was a very productive day. We went to Church in the morning, then I had a nap and did some emailing. Later, I purged my wardrobe, pulled out a large garbage bag full of clothes. I also parted with a large majority of my bag collection ( I have a lot of bags...though none are expensive...just lots of them), several pairs of shoes, and a lava lamp. I decided I'm past the lava lamp stage and if I haven't ever set it up yet, it's really not going to happen. I pitched a bunch of material I had kept for "sewing" - which I don't actually do unless it is an absolute necessity, got rid of a bunch of yarn for "knitting"(which I also don't do) , and debated how much I loved several stuffed animals. I cant' help thinking WHY did I move all this stuff two times in the last few years!!?? So, our closet/attic storage room is about 1/4 emptied out. After I beg and plead with my parents to take my wedding dress, and grandmothers china home with them after this visit (or another :-), along with the three boxes of stuff they've already agreed to transport to a friend, the closet will be getting roomy. This is exciting. We also did laundry and grocery shopping together tonight, so are all clean and stocked up.

Wine and dinner on the patio with good tunes and conversation rounded the day out. It was a good day. Big Brothers is coming tomorrow for a pick-up, so as long as we get up in time to get all our stuff to the curb before leaving for work, our space will be lighter and freer than today.

It's a good thing ;-)


Magnificent M said...

I have been ferociously unpacking yet more boxes. In my office alone is enough stuff for an entire family. I turned to Justin and said it is astonishing that 2 individuals can accumulate so much CRAP.

Double Double has this great link to some photographer who took photos of families all around the world with all of their good piled up in front of their house/dwelling. Families in Africa with a few pots and other necessities... familes other places that escape me and then a North American Family and there stuff which stretched into the horizon....

granted you won't be that bad yet, you don't have too much stuff (although a lava lamp?! I laughed at that one! is it next to your toe socks??)

Purging is a good thing :-) I purged yet again today and wondered why did I move this stuff?

T. said...

Ya...compared to other couples our age we know...I think we have quite a bit more "stuff" - Daryl is a pack rat and I am a nester/packrat, so we accumulate easily. Haven't let go of all the pre-adult life stuff yet. Still have stuffed animals (and LAVA lamps!) from highschool days. So that will ALL go. It feels good! Maybe the purging makes me nostalgic?!?

Magnificent M said...

I still have stuffed animals from my childhood... sad really. I hear you on the purging = nostalgia, I am the same way. Every time I unpack the baby clothes I've saved I get very nostalgic. I have this whole rubbermaid filled with wee sleepers and dresses and shoes. I had to keep the shoes. They are so wee. Its silly cuz I'm not having another baby but yet I persist. I also have this cookie monster dress that I wore when I was three that was my favorite dress... I don't remember the dress, I just remember all the stories about how the dress was my favorite. it does feel good to purge and once its gone I think we don't actually miss it. Do you ever watch that show "neat" with Helen Butligeig or whatever her name is? SHe is an organizer who thinks she's a psychiatrist... anyways, she has theories about clutter. quite fascinating really.

Sarah said...

aww... I miss you! I'm moving this week, but really want to talk (catch up etc) so as soon as things calm down a little with work and life, I am going to talk your ear off for a good hour or so. k? Good job with chucking stuff out and ww. It feels so good when you know your eating habits are healthy.
*One great big hug*