Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A heat wave blew into town last week...

That is the opening line to a song off of Holly Cole's summer album. Daryl and I both pretty much have it memorized - it's kind of the sound track to our honeymoon. We rented a car for our honeymoon, and drove up-island to stay at a bed and breakfast and explore the many island wonders. We realized within about an hour or two that the car we'd rented had a CD player and neither of us had thought to bring CD's. So, we ended up picking up this Holly Cole album, and an Enya album at a Chapters - needless to say one can only listen to so much Enya, so Holly Cole was played over and over and over. It's been in rotation on my stereo lately, and very appropriately so, because it's so blinking hot here right now!!!

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the sun, and warm weather. We spent half the day at the beach baking in the sun on Sunday, it was wonderful (except I'm a bit over-sunned now). The problem is that we live in the top floor of an old house, with pretty much NO insulation. I cannot explain to you how hot this apartment gets in the summer. SO hot, and it doesn't cool down. We keep it all closed up all day until the sun is off the house and over the trees in the back then throw open all the doors and windows to cool it down. The problem is that right now there is NO wind. This only really cools the apartment down if there is a breeze/wind in the evening. Which, being so close to the water there usually is. But it hasn't been windy at all in the last few days. So, at 1am STILL cannot sleep b/c I feel like I'm suffocating. We can't leave doors/windows open at night b/c our cat will escape, so I'm up with the patio door all the way open, guarding the exit so the cat can't get out should she try. I"m hoping this will cool things down, but I don't know.

I am reminded of a miserable (though amusing) night Michelle and I spent in a Toronto hostel. I'm ready to plead "juice, juice...please just some juice."

Is it unsafe to sleep in a cold bath?


Bean said...

Yes, the heat! Our house is also old and crappily insulated, AND with no screens on the windows (mosquitos in edmonton - not good) and we have the escaping cat problem, so every day the temp. is over 28 it gets hotter in here. Though not as hot as BC yet. Can I just say this blog thing is so cool. I love reading your posts! I am so techno-moronic and I have nothing interesting to write about or I would start one myself!

T. said...

You SHOULD start one Bean!! You don't have to have anything interesting to say (which, by the way, I KNOW you do ;-). I mostly started it b/c I found that I really loved being able to check my friends' blogs to see how their life was going. It's a good way to keep in touch and keep people updated on you life...and post pics of your snazy new house!!