Thursday, June 29, 2006

Cry if you want to...

Another Holly Cole song - it's actually one of my favorite songs of hers. Lyrics go "Cry if you want to, I won't tell you not to, I won't try to cheer you up. I'll just be here if you want me. It's no use in keeping a stiff upper lip, you can weep you can sleep you can loosen your grip. You can frown you can drown and go down with the can cry if you want to." That's just the first bit of it. But I like it. I often have sudden urges to sing it to friends. But I resist ;-).

I must cave in and discuss the moving angst here. I just want to cry. Things keep piling up, and every time we think we've got things figured out, something else appears. Today the gem was that I got my tax return (for 2004 - I was a delinquent - because I thought I wouldn't owe anything). Yep, I owe a shwack of money - not in TAXES, but in CPP etc. Like a crap load of money (in our student type world it is anyways). I'm imagining, since he is also self-employed right now that Daryl will owe something similar. And we still have to do our 2005 taxes. So basically, half of our moving budget just disappeared. This is just the latest crisis. Maybe this is God's desensitization program? Exposure to increasingly anxiety-inducing crises, until I get to the point where I just trust Him, regardless of the magnitute of the crisis? Could someone identify the mastery criterion for me?

Well. I'm going to go babysit, then I'm going to tackle financial stuff with Daryl, then i'm going to pack for our camping trip (the meager four days of which we can apparently no longer afford), then I'm going to go camping and try to ignore all of this for a few days. Then I will come home and have a panic attack. Right. Off I go.


Sarah said...

Seven words: Fat free chocolate frozen yoghurt from Safeway. HTH.

bean said...

CCRA is evil! It seems to me like you should be getting a refund no matter what, one big enough to cover CPP and all that... After all, you're an impoverished student! 2 summers ago Petar recieved a bill from CCRA for $5500, which was more than half of what he earned that year! It turned out that a former accountant made a mistake way in the past and since P didn't change his address every time he moved (Don't forget to do that!!!!) he hadn't received any of the notices they sent for who knows how long and they were sending collection agencies after him. He got out of it eventually and even got a refund with the help of our family accountant (who lives in Victoria BTW, I can give you his info - he's pretty reasonable). I know this is the last thing you need. You can definitely cry if you want to. Hey, I might even give that choc yogurt a try on your behalf.

T. said...

Yep I know - it's crappy. The reason I don't have enough of a refund to cover it is because I'm self-employed :-(.

Can you email me with the contact info for that accountant. We've totally been looking for a good one in Victoria. We're moving, but I think our taxes are only going to get more complicated, as it will be half canadian income, and half us. We're going to talk to a US accountant about that end of it, but a good Canadian one is neccesary as well.

kimberley said...

Hey Tyla,

I'm a fan of Holly Cole myself...and fully dig that song. If you ever see me stifling a tear (not a very rare ocassion...I tend to let them flow freely...) but yeah...feel free to break out in song to me anytime.

I hope the details come together. My friend always six months you're going to find yourself somewhere...handing over rent to somebody quite willing to take it. anyway... peace be with you and Daryl.

You're sweeties.