Saturday, June 10, 2006

Call for Papers....err....Advice

So, we are embarking on this ginormous (nice hey!) move. I know that there are MANY people out there who have a) Moved recently or b) Moved a long distance at some point in their lives. So, keeping in mind that we are on student budgets, with peanuts for relocation assistance, and only a couple (i.e. don't have to move kids accross the continent), I'm putting out a call for advice. Anyone who has moved recently or ever moved a long distance give me:

a) You HAVE to try/remember/do this :

b) You MUST avoid/run from/not do this:

c) Drive with stuff or fly and ship stuff (for a distance move):

d) What did you not bring with you when you moved that you REALLY wish you had?

e) What did you bring with you that you never once used...or bought a new one of anyways.

f) If you've ever lived on the East Coast - what is the most important thing for us West-Coasters to know when moving there?

Any and all advice will be GREATLY appreciated!!


Magnificent M said...

start saving now. No matter how well you budget, moving always costs more than you expect.

Include money for eating "out" (pizza, subway, mcdonalds... whatever. easy food is necessary)

purge, purge, purge. You may want to even sell some of your furniture and just live with packing crates and slowly save to buy used items. It costs a lot to move furniture.

you can buy moving boxes used on the internet or sometimes at moving stores. I highly recommend the wardrobe boxes even though they are pricey. Your clothes stay on the hanger and its like a mini closet.

purge some more. purge until you can purge no more. and then purge again.

remember that there is not an ikea in the vicinity... at least there wasn't before. Atli and Katie bought out all of the $1 timers at ikea to take back to NECC. so theh lesson is don't get rid of your ikea things that you like.

purge again.

T. said...

All about the purging - and, WONDERFULLY - an Ikea just opened up a few months before I went for my interview there! Danika took me there. So, thankfully, there will be an Ikea (phew!).