Saturday, June 03, 2006

Atlanta Pictures

(Above) My favorite pic of M. and I at the ABA social. Gosh, my face is big. Oi!
Me with my yummmy mint juliep!
All the gang at Merry Mac's Tea Room. Eduina (sp?) our waitress is in the middle.


Mom said...

Oh Wow....I can zoom.....and get real close-ups!! You all look like you are having a ball!! Good pics...Bastet too!!

Magnificent M said...

I think the night of that social is one of my top 10 best nights ever!!! That was a good night! Good chat with S, good glass of wine or two, amazing dinner with good companions, good food, more good wine, good company (you), mostly good music (lets get it on... beat it beat it) and some really GREAT dancing!

Its not the worlds best picture of us (which happens when you reach your camera out in front of your face and snap a photo!) but it has stimulus control and that is almost always good.