Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I have needs..apparently.

Ok, well I'm stealing this from Michelle, who stole it from Sara, who stole it from....?

The idea is you google "(your name) needs" and see what comes up. So, here's what I found:

TYLA needs financial support (YES!! Any takers?)

Tyla needs a special helmet done. (Ummm...)

TYLA NEEDS YOU (That depends who "you" is ;-)

Tyla needs a home now (Can it be in Boston?)

TYLA NEEDS OF SENIOR CITIZENS COMMITTEE (Yes, that is a very important committee to me.)

"Um, Mama, I think Tyla needs a nap or someting" (Always...I could always use a nap).

Tyla needs little introduction. (Well that depends on the crowd - have I already made a fool of myself in front of you?).

I didn't think there would be much for my name, but there were these few!

On a similar note - check out my band:

And my hotel in Lithuania:

I'm doing well for myself ;-)


coramie said...

Love did I not know you were so needy and yet sooo wealthy and popular!!
This definitely is something I should do....yet another thing to do on the computer....."tweak tweak!!"
See you tomorrow!!

Magnificent M said...

ruddy hilarious as puffy shirt hottie says

Magdalen said...

Yes well, you're needy. :)
So you're going to Boston, hey? When are you leaving? I'm quitting work come August, so maybe we can get a going-away bash in?
let me know. Miss you.

T. said...

Mag: Boston we go (as my nerdy organizational moving binder is titled). It would be super to get together. We haven't nailed down our leave-date yet. Hashing out details.

Miss you too!! I was thinking of you the other day- I watched some old school Buffy AND my parents got me Horatio Hornblower (all of them on DVD!!) for my birthday!! Hooray!