Friday, September 01, 2006

How can that hurt, is there even a muscle there?

Where to start? Well, we're here. And as a dear friend blogged after arriving in her new home...people are still people here. They talk a little differently, and drive much differently, but they are still people.

The Whining

I've just finished my first week of training. Wow. It's kind of like boot camp. You may think I mean this metaphorically...but actually I mean it literally as well. My whole entire body hurts more than it ever has before. Ever. I am feeling quite overwhelmed, inundated with information and challenges. It will be good for me, soon, but right now it is about the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I don't do very well with change and upheaval and having a home that isn't settled (does anyone?), so the combination of the move and adjustment, the lack of friends and family close by, the complete and utter physical and mental exhaustion is making me quite homesick. I think I actually am getting sick too :-(. I knew it would be hard, but that doesn't really make it easier.

Unfortunately, though we had expected to have internet connected today, we found the company had meant NEXT friday. So we are still cut off, or so it feels. But I am continually thankful for this fedex-kinkos accross the street.

The Ikea Trip:

We went to Ikea on Sunday. And Tuesday. And Tuesday night.

Sunday: Sunday afternoon, we decide to go for the trip. We're excited - Ikea makes us happy, makes things better, and feels like home (that's probably because the furniture is the same). We hop on the highway, transfer to another, and another, and are nearing Ikea. Traffic starts to back up. We see a sign saying "Expect delays on Weekends." An actual road sign says this. So we bunker down for a wait thinking "Well, it must be people going into Boston for the weekend." Then we realize that the back up is for our exit. The exit to we near it the other lanes clear, and the exit lane is backed up. Then we see a set of traffic cops. As we procede closer to Ikea, the traffic thickens even more, and there are more traffic cops. We're thinking "Must be an accident." Then we are practicallyin the parking lot, and there are MORE traffic cops...but no accident. Then it dawns on us...the traffic sign, the cops, the's all because of IKEA. Seriously. We asked around when we got there. You see, THIS is what happens when you only provide people with one IKea for several states. They all migrate there on the weekend and cause pandemonium. As we entered we realized we were in for an entirely different IKEA experience. No more calm stroles throught the show room, latte in hand, no relaxing over a glass of wine and 99 cent dinner for a break. No no. This was every ikea shopper for themselves. They were running out of things, people were manovering at break neck speeds around the show room (the store was close to closing). It was worse by far than any Christmas eve shopping I've ever done. Then, enter the self-serve area. Insanity. Utter maddness. I'm amazed there weren't casualties. There were thousands of people with carts and large boxes and pointy objects pushing through to get to their needed items. Things were mixed up in the bins, you couldn't move your cart to the object, so had to carry it (heavy as it was) accross the floor to your cart. I had to duck under an aisle to get to the as is section. We made it through, barely though, and managed to stuff: a kitchen table and 4 chairs, a bed, a matteress, a desk, two night tables, various kitchen implements, a lamp and other things all into our car in the pouring rain. Then we tried to set up the bed...and realized we had the wrong mattress. Daryl went back while I was at work (that's a whole other blog). We then tried to set upthe bookshelf....and realized that in our haste, we hadn't bought the shelves for it. Back we went. Finally, I think we have it all. Keep in mind it is about a 2 hour trek out to the Ikea here. I think it will be a while before we return :-(.

Must go this is unfortunately still costing money :-(.

Miss everyone muchly.


coramie said...

So many little sad faces!!
Even though you don't have internet yet....enjoy the weekend and church on Sunday....and.....have a hot bath with a glass of wine tonite before bed.
Love you

Sarah said...

Awww... you have me laughing, hon, through my exhaustion, too. I can see the sheer pandemonium in the "IKEA of three states" but perhaps it will be better if you go during the week. Though our IKEAs perhaps lack their own traffic organisers, they are still best if you go during a down time. I hope that you get the chance to take care of yourself this weekend and sort through your home, settling in and, hopefully, relax a little. By the way - we looked at our new home tonight and it's freaking amazing! SO huge! Can you believe that we have 2.5! bathrooms? I can't quite yet. It's great. Really great!

Magnificent M said...

LOL! When the new ikea opened in coquitlam it was the same... but considering that baby has been open for quite some time - that is horrific. Honestly you can not deprive the masses of Ikea, its not right!!!

Your experience sums up some of what Dh hates about Ikea... that you can buy half of a piece of a furniture without anyone noticing.

But hey don't be sad... you have friends, they are electronically interfaced but that is okay. it is still friends... who needs f2f, that is so old school. You'll meet some crazy bostonians at some point... they'll be crazy and they may even talk weird and they won't be able to dance as well as me, but hey, they'll do. :-)

Michelle said...

That's crazy but I don't think I've ever had a calm stroll around the Richmond Ikea either - it's a zoo there. Coquitlam is much more relaxing.

I'm just saying hi because I like your Blogs and M said it was ok you wouldn't think I was a stalker. I'm her "Giddy Up" link on her blog! :-)