Saturday, September 23, 2006

"Espresso pots are fun..."

That's a quote from Trader Joe's online brochure about the coffee they carry, and coffee in general. I had to hop online and check it out, because we just picked up some coffee there yesterday, and I just made the first pot of it this morning. Can it be true? They have fabulous coffee too! A beautiful, strong, dark roast coffee called "Volcano" is what I'm drinking right now. It's a very good thing.

We had a great time at the orchard yesterday picking apples and raspberries. We ended up with a "1/2 bushel" of apples (about 20lbs), and about 9 lbs of raspberries. The raspberries are such nice, big, juicy berries too. I've frozen about 3/4's of them, and we had raspberries with vanilla ice cream last night. I'm going to put some of the rest of them into pies. That's the plan for today - to make the apple pies and apple crisp, some to freeze.

I also made a stew yesterday - a beef stew! This is, as you probably know highly unusual for me. In fact, I've never made a stew in my life. For some reason I decided yesterday that I wanted to make one. So, I picked up the fat free beef broth and meat I needed, and followed the handy directions on the back of the broth. I accidently put the vegetables in too soon (about an hour too soon), but that turned out to be a good thing I think, as the potatoes kind of disintegrated and made the stew thicker. In the end, the stew actually turned out really really good! So simple and inexpensive, but so good. I know for most people this is probably not a big discovery, but for me it is. I don't typically cook typical meat and potatoes type food. We rarely eat red meat actually. Anyhoo. It was a successful experiment.

As a side note - I really appreciate when various food items have recipes on the back/side of the packaging. Mostly because you can tell, while your at the grocery store what you still need to buy before you go home. I'm horrible for deciding, while at the store "I'm going to make ____" but then not really knowing what I need to make it and having no recipe on hand. So I end up going home, realizing I don't have half of what I need, and that half of what I bought I don't need! This would have most definately happened with the stew, were it not for the recipe on the side of the broth container.

Anyhoo...being that it's almost noon here, and I'm still in my PJ's I'd better get going on prepping those apples for baking.


Magnificent M said...

stew is a good thing. I'm no fan of meat and potatoes meals either but I have learned to appreciate stew when made with lean meat. YOu can also make chicken stew which is even better in some ways (although I do love that brown gravy-ness of real stew) and I have some good vegetarian stew recipes too. you want? Me send if you like!

Simply Victoria said...

mmmmm. I love love love a good thick beef stew. especially with a nice loaf of dark, dense pumpernickel.
hope you're doing well!

T. said...

Yes! I want the recipes :-). I contemplated chicken stew...but chicken was in the freezer still,and we don't have a microwave yet!

I"ll have to try the pumpernickel Victoria - we had sourdough with it, which was also good.

Michelle said...

I love stew. It's really good with yams or sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes.

coramie said...

So at the market today, we bought some bison stewing meat. So guess what we're having for Sunday dinner. We also bought, leeks, zucchini, onions, potatoes and we already have carrots. I love the farmers market...but like you, I can never remember what I need. So many good things...and so little time. Hope the pastry went well :-)

Sarah said...

Your shopping concerns illustrate perfectly why I shop 6 days a week most weeks: I shop with recipes in mind rather than in hand.
The raspberries sound delicious -they are by far my favorite fruit for just about anything!