Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Batteries not included

So, I just got a scale. Not just any scale, but a scale that not only tells you your weight, but also tells you your body fat content, and body moisture content, AND graphs it for you. It also stores and saves information for up to 4 people so you can track progress. It was super cheap (especially compared to other ones with similar features). I was so excited to try it out (despite my fear of what it would tell me), got home, ripped open the packaging only to realize that BATTERIES ARE NOT INCLUDED. That is definately in my list of top ten most frustrating things. And, not only are they not included, but the batery is that weird rectangle one that no one has just lying around the house. I have AA's, I have AAA's, but none of the freaky rectangle one. Oh well. I'll have to wait till tomorrow to step on the pink and silver scale. Not that I'm bothered by it or anything. Patience is definately not a virtue I posess ;-).


Magnificent M said...

okay this is not related but are you aware that there are several Crate and Barrel's close to you? I just have to say you should go. Go for me. Let me live vicariously through you. Take pictures and post. There also appears to be a pottery barn not far from you either. You'd be surprised at what little incentive I may need to come and visit you. It is entirely possible that i will come just to experience the shopping.

T. said...

lol! I'm afraid to enter those places though b/c I can't shop! But I can browse and take pictures etc. etc. Ya, you can find tons of Crate and Barrel stuff for sale on Craigslist here. I guess b/c there are so many of them here. Well then I will just have to start going to wonderful shopping places, take pictures and post with their vacinity to my apartment! I'll suck you in!

Sarah said...

Fancy dancy! Do you have your batteries now?
So, how about now?
Yep. Patience is not my most virtuous virtue either.
On a similar note, though, you do know one person who has an apparently freaky battery collection (or a 4-year-old whose toys require many different battery sizes, even sometimes in the same toy, which is especially nuts to me). If you're ever in town and feel like going on a battery raid, I keep them in my freezer - many many different kinds.

So how's that scale working for you? And as nice as it might be to find out how much water you're retaining... how exactly does the scale know? I mean, really? I await the details of the fancy scale.