Saturday, September 09, 2006

Furniture, music, and an intriguing restaurant.


We have a sofa couch and matching chair! I think they may be the nicest couch and only comfy chair we've ever had. And guess what?? They were FREE. Where could I have found them you ask? Where else... . I saw the posting this morning, called them, and a our wonderful friend Danika, who met us there with her SUV. We loaded the couch on the roof rack (made me VERY nervous!), chair in the back, along with two drawer dresser type unit they had as well. Managed to get it all back here. I'm SUPER excited. So, we now offically have a sofa bed, so we can officially ahve guests, so please come visit :-).


Check out . My cousin showed it to me when I was visiting her in Hamilton oun our way here, and I just now started playing around with it. It is this great site, where you input an artist you like. They then play you something by that artist. Then, they play you something with similar qualities, by another artist. You tell them if you like it or not (thumbs up or thumbs down). Based on the information you give them, they continue to modify the music they input into your "station." So, you end up with all this great music, that you love, but have never heard before, or would never have found otherwise. It's fabulous! You can set up differernt "stations" too, based on what artist you start with. So, different stations for different moods :-). It's an awsume website. Addictive too, because you're always wondering "what will be next?!"

Intriguing restaurant.

So we went to a place today for lunch called "Bugaboo Creek." Danika (also from BC origionally) said we had to try it, as it was "Canadian themed." Apparently it is specifically Western Canadian themed. So, you might ask, what do East Coast Americans think of West coast Canada? Well, I'm not sure where to start. Here are the highlights:
1) A talking, moving moose head above the bar. Yes, talking. He made jokes jokes about the fact that he was just a head on a wall. And yes, it was more than a little creepy.
2) A talking, moving Bison head above the bar. On the other side of the bar. So, I didn't hear his quips. Thankfully.
3) A moving woodpecker. He pecked the pillars between the tables.
4) Numerous dead, stuffed dear heads (one directly above my table).
5) there was a dead, stuffed pheasant about 12 inches from my face.
6) Black and white photos of fishing, hunting, and snow. There was a picture of a deer strung up by it's hind quarters with a proud Western Canadian hunter staning next to it. This picture was exactly next to my face. Nice.
7) A creepy talking wooden Mountie in the entry way.
8) A giant moose head that they bring out and stick on your head if it is your birthday, while they sing to you and everyone gawks and feels sorry for you, but at the same time thinks "We have to bring ____ here for their birthday, they'd love having a stinky moose head on thier head!"

Those are just the highlights. It was seriously hilarious! We made sure to inform the waiter (after he told us all about this being a "Western Canadian themed restaurant") that we were all from Western Canada, and that it was not like this there.

A P.S. to this post:

They don't know what Americanos are here!!??!! I went into the Panara (a very respectable cafe and bakery) and asked for an Americano. The person looked at me like I was insane and said "A what? I don't think we have that." I, in turn, looked at him like he was crazy, and said "you don't have one?" hoping this would prompt a more acceptable response, or that the other employee would turn around and say "YES we do...I'm sorry, he's new here." But no. He pointed to the menu, and sure enough, there was no americano. So I said "okay, well, it's just espresso and water. I think you have it." He said again "We don't have that here." Seriously. I mean, come on, even if you don't technically have it, couldn't you at least know what it is?? But again, no. So I responded with "Okay, well then, can I get a tripple shot of espresso in a large cup filled about 2/3 of the way full with hot water." Okay, they could do that. So, after much adieu, I obtained an americano of sorts. Sigh. It was a sad day in Tyla land.


Michelle said...

Craigslist is great. It's nice that you were able to get something free. We use for that and it's good too (you just have to weed through a bit).

That restaurant sounds hilarious. It's amazing how most Americans actually believe we Canadians actually live.

Michelle said...

PS: Are you ok if I like your blog to mine? I'm not a stalker, I know Magnificent M. :-)

T. said...

lol! I know :-) sure, link me! I'll have to check out for sure!

Magnificent M said...

okay first of all, what kind of food did they serve in the freakish dead animal restaurant? How very american to think that it is like that here. bizarre.

second, must check out the music site, sounds good.

third bonus on the free furniture! glad you have my sofa bed ready!!! maybe I should come to ABA in Boston in feb.

weird about the americanos.

T. said...

The food was pretty standard, kind of Keg like - steak, burgers, etc. I had a blue cheese burger sub chicken instead of beef, and wasn't bad.

Of course I would say you should definately come to ABA in February, but I"m a bit biased. The BABA conference is actually in MA this year too, in November I think? SW will probably be here for that. I thought it was in NY, but on the ABA site, looks like it's here.

I know - bizarre about the americanos hey?

king d said...

No, you had a blue cheese burger, sub the beef with chicken *and* add bacon! It only resembled the origonal burger by the fact that it had blue cheese still.

And yes, she got an interesting look from the waiter on that one.

Magdalen said...

Hmph, I miss you.
Man, I wish I could have experienced tht restaurant, what a hoot!
Oh, and, remember talking about the guy with the same obsession as me, who I'd have to sing 'I'll Never Tell' with if we ever got married?
He's here. *goofy grin* um. Yeah.

Magnificent M said...

isn't baba boston aba? I don't think they have it in new york, I think it is always in MA?? SW hasn't mentioned going to it but I'll ask her.

T. said...

Berkshire ABA is the one I was looking at I thought. I had thought it was in NY. I have no idea though lol ;-). The info was the result of a quick 2 minute scan of the ABA site, just seeing if anything would coincide with holidays for me.