Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Monday was our sixth wedding anniversary. Time has flown by! We decided to have a special dinner at home rather than go out. Since the cooking is half the fun for me, this was sort of part of my present. D. returned home with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, and we had a lovely dinner. This is, by the way the first time we've eaten in the formal dining room, and the first time I've used my grandmother's china. I made this Zucchini ricotta cheesecake. If you have zucchini to use up, I implore you, make this. It is so very good. Breakfast, lunch or dinner :)

I also made this Orzo supper salad. It was very tasty with orzo (of course), asparagus, broccoli, cucumber, almonds, feta, and a yummy lemon olive oil and garlic dressing.

I also made these yummy sweet potato falafals. I couldn't find chick pea flour, so I substituted 1/2 chick peas and 1/2 whole wheat flour and it seemed to work - these were super yummy, and are really healthy! I had them cold the next day for lunch and they were just as good. Here's the table all set up - look at the beautiful flowers! It was a yummy dinner, and we still have left-overs! I think next time I'm going to make a double or tripple recipe of the falafels and freeze them!


Victoria said...

wow! congratulations on the anniversary. God grant you many many more years of wedded bliss. :)

you are such a foodie! this blog always makes me hungry, and chagrined that though I profess to be a foodie, I don't really take the time (in the summer at least) to cook this way.
could you post these recipes though? ALL of them? they sound absolutely incredible.
where do you find them?

T. said...

Thanks Vic! There are links to the recipes in the text (usually on the word "this") - they all came from the 101 Cookbooks blog.

RW said...

seriously good food.
I think I would love the zucchini cheesecake.

Anonymous said...

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