Sunday, July 20, 2008


Well well. This afternoon, we got quite a bit accomplished. D. and I sorted through piles and piles of bills and documents and filed them all. Every last one. The filing system isn't exactly pretty, but everything has it's place. We re-organized a chunk of the office - I used some baskets to store books in to make my desk more manageable. And, D. set up my old old laptop (seriously, like 7 years old) on my desk so I can use it for word-processing (thesis/work) with my flash drive. This is SO good, as I have been having a very hard time working in D.'s space, on his desk on my thesis, school and work stuff. The old laptop is painfully slow for internet, and if more than one application is running, but for just straight-forward word documents it's okay. This will help me SO much during this "blip" while my laptop is in the shop. I just keep telling myself that when it comes back it will be shiny and new, and have a new battery and other things.

I made an "interesting" dinner tonight. It turned out okay. We had prawns in the freezer, so I made a cliantro/oil/garlic/etc marinade/dipping sauce for them. Marinaded them, then grilled them on the bbq - so good! I also made a red cabbage salad of sorts, loosely based on a couple of recipes I found online. Just the cabbage with a dressing made with garlic, lime juice, coconut milk, salt and pepper and I can't remember what else. It was good though. I then attempted making a wacky curry-coconut rice dish. Had it occurred to me before starting that really what I was making was risotto, I'm sure it would have gone better! I just dumped rice, half water and half coconut milk and a scoop of curry paste into a pot and put it on to cook like normal rice. Of course, it dried out due to the coconut milk (needed more water if I did that) and burned. However, I was able to salvage it by adding lots more water, carefully stirring (so as to not disturb the burnt rice), and adding at the very end some (I know weird) maple syrup. What I came out with was a pretty yummy curry/coconut risotto of sorts. Anyhoo, it was a make-it-up-as-you-go meal, with all the expected side trips. In the end it was pretty good though :-).

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