Friday, July 18, 2008

My August

I am having anxiety about my August. I just emailed a friend with our schedules for August so she can plan when to visit and there really isn't much time. Here it is :
August 9 - wedding on the mainland.
August 10-14 - I am out of town for work
August 15-16 - we are likely both going to be out of town.
August 23-24 weekend - Probably going to be the bachelorette party weekend for my Brother's wedding.
August 25-29ish - Likely I will be out of town for work again.
August 31 - Another wedding to go to
September 5 - my brother's wedding!

How did it get so booked up? How is there already not one weekend in August we can go camping or something; and not one weekend we'll even be home I think!? Let alone taking a few days off. And there's only 2 weekends left in July and they are the only ones in July we'll have been home!

CRAZY. Maybe we'll have to try for a few days off in September after the wedding. Holy Moly.
I shouldn't whine - we scheduled all this stuff (okay, I scheduled all this stuff) and It's all good stuff, so....I just know the summer will be over, and we will have done no kind of holiday or even weekend activity the whole time. That makes me sad. The last time we had a full week off was our honeymoon I think.

But, everyone goes through these crazy times. There will be an end, I'm sure :-)