Thursday, July 24, 2008

Holy Humous

There is a brand of humus made in Victoria called "holy humous." It is hands down the best humus I've ever had, except possibly for the humus at Andrea's restaurant in Langley.

Humous is so easy to make at home that I normally scoff at buying it, but I have never gotten my humous to taste quite this good. Anyhoo. Today I made a wrap for lunch with the humus, spinach, tomatoes, and a bbq'd veggie dog (which I have also become a big fan of). Super yummy lunch.

And I think that's all for today. Except that I am possibly in danger of becoming a nerdy aerobics fanatic. I just love the classes. Maybe I'll get a body suit, head band, and start feathering my hair . What do you think, pink leotard? lol! Anyways...after a couple of weeks now I'm starting to get the moves mostly down, and my body is moving more easily so they are even more enjoyable. I've been to 2 classes this week in addition to 1 hour long work out at the gym itself. So good! I have not lost 1 pound, but am not too concerned about that, as I am feeling much better and can tell my body is getting stronger :-).


Simply Victoria said...

hey, I could lend you my olivia newton john cd's... :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, classic isn't it? :-P

Sarah said...

Mmm... sounds good!