Saturday, May 10, 2008


Today was a gooooood day. I did lot of out of the house work last week, and have been sick and so all the other stuff I needed to get done fell by the wayside.

But, today I
  • Slept in
  • Had waffles for breakfast with my DH
  • Finished everything I can for the moment for my ABA presentation
  • Sorted out a mad training schedule for one of my teams for next week
  • Finished off work for one client
  • Organized all my internship supervision documentation
  • FINISHED preparing everything for my taxes. I do have an accountant do them, and no, they're not late, as I'm self-employed and have till June 14. But, getting everything together seems a garganutan task. Just adding up income totals, kms driven for work, etc etc etc. Finding reciepts.
Every year I vow I will get more organized and I think I do, just still not quite there yet. Maybe when we stop moving around it will be easier :-)

Anyhoo, getting the tax stuff, internship stuff and scheduling sorted out is a big big accomplishment. Whew.

But it's now almost 9pm at night and I haven't been out of the house and am going squirrly.

Also need to figure out what to take to a potluck tomorrow after Church as we are on the "main course" list this week. I'm thinking large cold pasta dish.


Simply Victoria said...

wow, you guys have a list for church meals? some days I think we might benefit from such a list. especially those days when the main food bringers don't bring food, and we end up having pink wafer cookies, cheesies, and coffee for lunch hour. nice.

Magnificent M said...

remind me to tell you how much I had to PAY in taxes this year. Totally gross!!! A definite disadvantage to self-employment!! sick. But I did my taxes, they are paid (woo-hoo credit!!) and hopefully I paid the right amount for GST. so gross.

T. said...

Vic - Yes, actually we have TEAMS that rotate on a weekly basis, so each team ends up bringing food (and being responsible for set up and clean up) once per month or so, and within our team, they assign a type of food, which also rotates (main dish, side, dessert etc.). Then other people bring what they want as well. But it means there's always something there.

M - GROSS!! I'm afraid of self-employed taxes after this year. So far with my tuition amounts I"ve still only owed some CPP and EI but soon that will change.