Friday, May 16, 2008

One day done!

Okay, today was okay.

I had a phone meeting with my supervisor this morning, then replayed my ABA presentation over and over to myself, then did my presentation for my prof on the phone, and went to work.

The presentation went okay. Some updates and modifications to make, but overall, not as horrific as it could have been.

Then I decided I wanted a night with my DH. I emailed him at work and convinced him to cancel plans and have a date with me.

I stopped and bought these pre-marinated "boneless Maui ribs" and we had that with veggies from our spud order (okay, I also got some organic unsalted butter to make garlic mashed potatoes with, and to have on bread :-), and wine and we had dinner on the patio (YAY summer weather)!!!

Prior to this, after work, I also went for my haircut with a new stylist. I think it looks almost identical to the one my London-bound stylist gave me. Which is a GOOD thing. I'm happy with it!

The dinner was great, patio talk was great :-). I love summer weather in Victoria!!

Lots of work tomorrow, and presentation revisions. Still haven't figured out the wardrobe.

Okay, I need to discuss - the black cardigan. I had the perfect black cardigan. About 6 years ago. It finally got so stretched out and old that i had to pitch it. I have been looking for a good black cardigan since then. Literally, for 5-6 years. Probably I've been looking with concentration for the last 3. I have never found it. Every where I go, every store I enter I check out their cardigans. Never have I found one.

I see women wearing stylish cardigans all the time. Where do they get them? Where does the elusive black cardigan hide out? Clearly not in any store in Victoria.

DH suggested maybe I should plan to buy the wardrobe pieces I still need when I got to Chicago. Since the dollar is strong, shopping is good there, and likely it may be cheaper. I don't think he realizes the Pandora's box that would open. I am currently in "Buy nothing" mode for my trip. Planning to shop while there puts me in "Buy anything" mode. Lol. Really, I can do it.

I will make a trip to Joe as I have gone everywhere else and had no luck. We'll see where my wardrobe is after that :-).

4 more sleeps then I'm off!


Simply Victoria said...

I totally know what you mean about the black cardigan.
I've gone through my share, and lost them, and worn them out.
currently I have a mid-length sleeve cardigan found at H&M (the only one in BC is at Coquitlam Center), but before that, I wore one I found at Ricki's. They always have good cardigans, but only in season, so now might not be the best time to find one... good luck though. Chicago weather is not as balmy as it is here, I imagine.

Magnificent M said...

I found a nice one at the Gap but that was months ago. Ahhh the elusive "I wish I could lose 10 more pounds but instead I'll cover it up with this sweater" solution. I have been on a cardigan shopping spree lately. I have managed to find a navy one, a white one, an olive one and the black one. And in cleaning out my closet found a very old grey one that I used to love. Long live the fat covers!!!

Bloomie's my friend... bloomie's. We'll find you one there... or die trying.

T. said...

I know! Hey - I didn't know we had an H&M here!! Will hit it next time I can when I'm on the mainland!

Will also check out Ricky's.

Bloomies would be good..but I browsed online and I don't think I could afford a thing there! Everything I saw was designer-priced. :-( Maybe they have a sale rack?lol.

Anonymous said...

I like the 4 more sleeps....nice touch. ;)