Tuesday, May 13, 2008

T-minus 7 days

Okay, it's Tuesday. One week exactly till I leave for Chicago! Holy Moly!

I'm excited about:

M. just informed me we are close to a trader joes, and to a whole foods. TJ's is one of the things I miss most about living in the US. This is good, as it will greatly aid our now well-refined cost-saving, health-helping grocery plan. Here it is: We order a minifridge for our room, (it started with us using ice buckets, then bringing a soft cooler in our suitcases, then realizing we could just ask for a fridge and they'd give it to us), on the first or second day, we go grocery shopping. We buy all we'll need for breakfasts and lunches, yogurt, veggies, fruit, sandwich stuff etc., snacks (last year we OD'd on the luna bars), energy drinks, and wine. We even have a plan for the wine. We buy wine at the store, then "order" wine glasses from room service (again, initially, we ordered glasses of wine from room service to get the glasses...until we realized we could just order the glasses), then we use and wash the glasses throughout the trip, fill up our glasses in our room and take them down to the events downstairs. Its genius.

I get a whole week to hand with M. and C.

I get to meet my theisis supervisor, and fellow classmates I've been in contact with over the last while.

I'm stressed about:

- My wardrobe
- Packing
- my presentation

I need to make a hair appointment and spend more time on my wardrobe/packing plan. Yes there's a plan. It's a whole Word document. I've been researching packing for Chicago, and thankfully just realized someone I went to highschool with lives there and can give me a heads up (thank-you face book).


Anonymous said...

I love the word document thing. That's totally something I would do. I'm addicted to lists.

Magnificent M said...

It seriously takes months just to prepare for this trip. Good thing we love it so. I'm looking forward to my viking fix!! I wonder if we can get martini glasses delivered to the room too? I bought a french press coffee mug so we can buy coffee and make our lunch time cups using that. Now if we can just get microwave we are set!!

biss said...

I love the fill-up-the-glasses-upstairs trick. It's ingenius, and slightly silly.
Have fun.

T. said...

I just realized I typed "I get a whole week to HAND with M. and C." That should be "HANG." lol. But I'm leaving it, b/c it's amusing.

oooh I was thinking of getting one of the french press coffee mugs. I think the one thing I still spent way to much on last year was coffee. Hmmm....