Thursday, May 15, 2008


I'm anxious. I woke up this morning and felt like I'd been run over by a sore and tired and groggy. I couldn't figure out why, as I'd gone to bed early, because I was tired, and had had an unusual amount of sleep. I realized tonight when I went to work for a meeting and felt an insatible urge to yell at everyone for nothing that maybe I was a little tense!

So, I've been setting up contingencies for myself all day, and into the weekend. What I'm stressed about is my ABA presentation, and presenting it by phone to my prof tomorrow, and about what to pack, the cost of the trip, etc etc.

I woke up and D. told me as he was leaving that we were out of coffee...there was none to make. So, that made getting out of bed feeling like I was, a challange.

Contingency # 1:
Get out of bed, get dressed and go buy coffee = then, I can buy a cranberry custard danish from Cobbs, come home and have coffee and danish.

Still groggy and stressed after the coffee...

Contingency #2:
Finish presentation notes and shower = then, I can go look for a black cardigan and buy travel toiletries.

Following a very stressful shopping experience (i know, i know..poor me), and impending long meeting:

Contingency # 3:
Go to meeting, be nice, then come home and have beer and see husband.

Now, need to do a dry-run of my presentation for my DH to prepare for tomorrow

Contingency # 4:
Do presentation practice = then I can dye my hair and do my nails.

Tomorrow is the big stressful day, with a phone meeting in the morning, presenting my presentation to my prof by phone, and a training at one of my teams in the afternoon along with other out of the house work. So, I scheduled it such that:

Contingency # 5:
Get through day, then go get hair cut.

Now it remains to be seen whether the haircut will be a reinforcer or a punisher (see previous post). But, I'm looking at it as a reinforcer for now :-).

Okay. Now to the presentation and then I can dye my hair (don't worry, it's a color I've used before and know will turn out right. Just in case though, i always do it BEFORE going to get my hair done).


Magnificent M said...

ROFL! Ha ha ha ha! You are SUCH a nerd! I love it. I didn't realize there was anyone as close to as nerdy as me but you have confirmed that we are soul mates!

Here's one for you...

survive last 5 sleeps, crazy situations, work nightmares with 0-1 occurrences of verbal and non-verbal protest including aggression and self-injury per day = Magnificent M buys you a Stella Artois and a you know what shot at Kitty O'Shea's (Crazy irish bar that I swore I never wanted to see the inside of again but here goes!!).

All occurrences of protest (verbal and non-verbal) will result in verbal reminders such as "We get liquor when we keep our cool." and "Remember to use your deep breathing so that you can earn your liquor" Appropriate responses will be verbally reinforced with comments such as "good job keepin g your cool" and "I can see you are working hard to earn your liquor. Good for you!"

T. said...

Oh MY GOODNESS. I am dying. DYing laughing. Seriously. Definately soul mates! lol!

Okay. Day 1 complete. Accomplished work. No verbal or non-verbal protest. Yay me!

My favorite thing ever - "I can see you are working hard to earn you liquor."

"Good for me!"

seriously, I am copying-and-pasting to keep this gem for EVAH

Magnificent M said...

I have nothing if not my wry humor and ability to poke fun at my job.