Monday, January 14, 2008


So, I've been sick for almost 2 weeks now...started with a high fever, then the fever went away, but I've had this crazy chest congestion and cough that still hasn't gone away. D. kept telling me to go to the Dr., but I didn't, until today. So, as it turns out, I have pneumonia. Pneumonia!?! What? Apparently they call it "walking pneumonia" when people are walking around with it (rather than being bedbound). So, being that it's relatively contagious still for the nextg 48 hour (until the antibiotics kick in) I've had to cancel work for the next two days...and I guess I will stay on the couch??

So maybe I'll blog more the next couple of days :-).


coramie said...

Sounds like a plan!!
Do take care of if you get bored..:-)

Magnificent M said...

Ack!!!! You poor thing! I told you it sounded like pneumonia!!! Oh my word. I hope you are better for the weekend but if not, do NOT worry!!! I will make do

T. said...

They said the antibiotics should kick in wihtin 48 should be fine by the weekend. Of course, I had so much out of the house work, including a mainland trip planned that I had to cancel!