Monday, January 14, 2008

Tragedy averted

I have been craving home-made pizza made with an amazing whole wheat pizza dough recipe for about a week now. I had everything needed to make the pizza but wanted to wait till I was feeling better and could really enjoy it...but I got tired of waiting and decided to make it last night.

When I went to put the ingredients in the bread machine, I couldn't find the recipe!! I wanted to cry! This recipe was given to me by a dear friend after she made us pizza with it once. I can't explain how good this dough is - it MAKES the pizza, and usually means you can only eat one or two pieces because it's so filling! (Of course, 1-2 pieces is what one SHOULD normally eat).

So, after looking for it for an hour, I realized we could just phone our dear friends, and then we'd get to talk to them too! So, we did, we got the recipe and I made the pizza AND we had a great catch-up conversation with our friends. I will post the recipe and my pizza concoctions in another post :-).

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