Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Can't wait to cook!

I recieved a gift card to Bolen Books, and waited till well after Chrsitmas to cash it in. I bought this cookbook with it about a 2 weeks ago, and it is EXCELLENT!

I've been eyeing this cookbook up for a while - I'm fairly sure I've been directed to it for more than one dish I've tried and asked for the recipe for.

It's put out by the Moosewood Restaurant in Ithaca, New York. It's primarily vegetarian, egg and fish dishes (no red meat or poultry). The recipes look amazing, and they all can be made in under 30 minutes.

The first ones I want to try are:
Pad Thai (the simplest looking recipe for this I've seen I think).
Cornmeal Pancakes
Fruit Ricotta Mousse

I love getting a new cook book! Now to get healthy, and find the time to actually cook some new things. That's the challenge, especially when my classes start today, and I'm now going to be ridiculously behind in work due to being sick right after the holidays.


Magnificent M said...

I have that book - it is great. There are some great fish recipes where you cook it in foil so super easy clean up and there is a bean recipe - hawaiian beans I think it is called - that is really good. It is very nummy. And they put good combos together, have this with this etc.

Magnificent M said...

pulled out my well loved copy to remind myself what good recipes are in there... my favs are:

black bean soup
red lentil soup
all of the salsas
Honolulu skillet beans
Red, gold, black and geen chili
I think I've tried most of their pastas and all were good
cauliflower paprikash with spatzle
curried vegetable dahl
winter veg stew
and iehter menestra or tomatican, can't remember which one I liked
and definately the fish in a packet recipes as clean up is super easy and they are very good with basic, plain white fish which is cheap
fish otis is also good

to be honest there is nothing in that book that I didn't like :-) I used to have another one of their cookbooks and it was good too. It had THE best recipe for greek potatoes. They cooked for like 2 hours and had a tonne of oil and lemon juice and the pan took hours to clean afterwards but they were just like restaurant greek potatoes... YUM!