Saturday, December 15, 2007


Livingroom BEFORE: Livingroom After:

Well, it's all done. Not QUITE as exciting in th pictures as it is in person (the room just feels much better), but it definately makes a difference :-). Mellowing it out and adding some art definately helps the small room. This was a low-budget that we didn't buy any furniture, just "accents" and a cheap Ikea area rug and art, throw pillows etc. But I'm happy with it :-) . I couldn't find my camera (ug!) so took the pictures with my their not super good quality. There's also a cool new hanging lamp in the staircase that you can't see in these pictures..the only downside to it is that it is much brighter (even with a low-watt bulb) thn I had planned on...I was looking for mood lighting, not light the whole room lighting! That's okay though. I hung a bamboo blind on the wall behind it so that it wouldn't reflect off the glaring white wall as much and that seems to have helped.


Magnificent M said...

it looks great! You did a great job considering your limited budget! i love the round art piece ! I saw that ikea awhile ago and was thinking how pretty it was.

T. said...

Ya, I love the round piece. It has chocolate brown in it and the throw pillows are chocolate on my list is a) more throw pillows and b) Material to make a chocolate brown cover for the coffee table (our white melamine theme isn't meshing as well with the new accents!).