Thursday, December 20, 2007


We decorated last night :-). I put on Christmas music...deocrated our little 3 foot tree. So, I bought ornaments at Ikea. They were a nice little matchy set, that I knew would be just about the right amount for our tree, and inexpensive, so I thought "okay, perfect." I opened them up last night and realized that a) They didn't have string to hang them attached to them but b) They came with string (this plasticy stuff that was IMPOSSIBLE to tie a knot in, and all pieces were too short) so that I could c) Spend about 1.5 hours tying and stringing the strings on the ornaments!!! "Some assembly required." Bah! Anyhoo, D. helped me finish them and they're up.

I did discover the benefit to decorating on Dec. 19 - I went to Michael's yesterday and all decorations were 50-70 percent off! I actually bought a garland for the stairs railing, along with the tree and a couple of other things. Very excellent. It's all fake this year. I can't wait until we have our own place/ a bigger place so that we can buy a big real tree.

I'll be like a ping pong ball over the next week and a half. I'm on the mainland today for work, then back home tonight, then back over there on the 24, back to Vic on the 26, back to the mainland on the 30, back to Vic again on the 1. Crazy!


Simply Victoria said...

that is a crazy schedule.
good luck with that.
it was great seeing you guys the other day.
I hope your Christmas day was wonderful!
hey, that same shopping tactic works for gifts. kurt and I went out on the 23rd and got everything at least 25% off. it was great.

T. said...

Excellent! So there IS a benefit to doing shopping last minute. We have our second Christmas with my family on the 30th, so we get the benefit of buying some gifts during boxing day sales :-).

Good seeing you in PERSON too! One day maybe we can share some wine?!? lol.