Monday, May 21, 2007

So soon!

I leave for the ABA conference in San Diego TOMORROW! I'm not at all ready to go, and I'm working most of the day today.

Yesterday afternoon/evening I spent snuggled with D. on the couch absorbed in the Friends' marathon that was on (so Bad!) I did get up long enough to go for a run, and to go buy small conditioner and other such small travel items (I love the little travel item isle). Looked at the beautiful shoes at Winners again, and again decided they were not functional (3 inch heals an I was looking for flats!), despite how cute and beautiful they were.

Unfortunately, I did have pizza from Ali Baba (best pizza ever) last night - thin crust, but I ate too much! The salt content will NOT help my "fit into my clothes from last year" crusade. Sigh.

So, today, I need to fit in around work:
1) Choose wardrobe, pack it.
2) Last ditch attempt at finding cheap-o flats at Payless
3) Re-paint toe nails.
4) Get new dayplanner (why I have to do this before I go I don't know - but my dayplanner ends a week into August, and I just realized this, and it's causing my significant anxiety).
5) Phone tomorrow morning to book my testing times for my summer classes. The first of which technically starts today, and the syllabus was JUST emailed out yesterday. I emailed asking for it about mmmm....a week and a half ago. No response. So now, I find out that while at ABA, I have to ready 4 chapters of the text and three articles, and write the test on these right after I get back!! Would have been nice to have this info - oh - a WEEK and a HALF ago! Lame.
6) Review my work checklist and make sure there is nothing that needs immediate attention before I go.
7) Figure out what ferry I'm taking and more importantly how I'm getting to it....D. is working during the day and I need to head out mid-day, so I need to either take the bus or find someone to drive me.
8) Get out some US money, and locate my passport.

I'm having a serious quandry over whether I should bring my laptop or not. I don't NEED it, since I'm not doing a presentation requiring it...but I'm very anxious about not having it. It would be NICE to have it to keep up with work and school while gone...but whether I should travel with it if I don't need to (and risk it's injury ;-) is the question. We'll see.

M- we'll be about to cross th boarder, and I'll yell "Turn around I need the laptop." Then you'll say "OK OK ! Good! I need the silver ballet flats!!"

lol then we'll roll into Seattle at 2am, be too giddy to sleep and arrive in SD zonked. Good times.

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