Sunday, May 06, 2007


We went for a hike today!! It's a bit of a belated new years really just a resolution. We want to try to get out and enjoy the beautiful outdoors life available in BC, and try to go hiking or camping every weekend or two. This was a nice short, but VERY steep hike. The veiws were beautiful!!
As we reached the first summit, signs saying "Stay on trail, fragile environment" were posted, and all the trail areas were roped off. So, we go stand on the highest point and look around and see something, just down the way. It looked like a person, under a blanket. Wait, a male torso, unclothed, under a blanket. And...oh...moving...and...oh..there was another person too. Ehhemmm "Hey, let's go back a bit further down to sit and have some water" "ya, ya, let's go."
It was hilarious!! On the top of the misty mountin!! Anyhoo, here's a link to more pics if you're interested.


Magnificent M said...

We should go camping together some time!!!

Hey you guys want to come over to Osoyoos for a long weekend in the summer? No camping but there is wine and sun :-)

Richard Gould said...

Cool! Where is that? It doesn't look familiar at all. And if you want to go hiking sometime, let me know. I haven't gone in a while and I'd love a chance to do so!

T. said...

M -we'd love to -you should email me with the dates you're going! We haven't planned our holiday yet :-) .

Richard - It's at Mt. Work, just on the other side of the highway from Goldstream. We'll definately give you a call when we go hiking next!