Monday, May 14, 2007

Manic Monday

Really, not at all a manic Monday. I stayed at home, wrote programs, and had my only out-of -the-house-work for the day cancelled. No complaints. A manic weekend more like it!

1) Plan to take bus to ferries to avoid parking cost
2) Drag suitcase and giant ikea bag full of wedding gifts and mothers day gifts to bus stop
3) Do NOT bring the red nail polish to touch up my toes. Do NOT bring my laptop. Lack of laptop causes extreme anxiety.
4) Stand at bus stop, and contemplate knocking on near by door and asking strangers to watch my stuff while I make mad sprint back to house to get red nail polish and laptop.
5) Realize I was supposed to drop prosphora with someone to bring to Church....and I can't leave till I do.
6) Run home, msn Daryl at work, call everyone from Church to find someone to drop prosphora with. No one answers, Daryl says bring prosphora and meet him downtown.
7) Forget nail polish and laptop, even though no longer taking bus.
8) get D., drop prosphora, drive to ferries and park car.
9) Contemplate risking missing ferry to go back to get laptop
10) get to mainland and collapse :-)

1) Coffee and window shopping at Starbucks with Frewings
2) Mad dash to buy all the goods for mother's day BBQ on Sunday.
3) back to D's parents, change for wedding (nail polish has chipped, still no red touch up nail polish!)
4) Unbelievably intense but wonderful wedding. My uncle died about 2 months ago. My cousin (his daughter) got married this weekend. It was the first time I've seen my cousins and aunt since my uncle died, since I was in MA at that time. It was extremely was in a way like a funeral to me as well, since I wasn't there for his funeral. This was the first time his death really became real for me. I left a couple times and my wonderful brother followed, and hugged me and comforted me. He had already gone through this.
5) But then - wonderfully therapeutic, rejuvinating, and joyful wedding. My cousin was beautiful. I danced with husband, danced with my dad, and danced with my brother. Mom showed off her sweet dance moves (she's where J. and I get ours), and J. (bro) danced for about 4 hours straight (me in heals!). We had SO much fun. There was some sweet MJ dancing and I missed Magnificent M so much!!!
6) Overall, there were all the things that make family family - hugging, crying, mourning, wine, dancing, joy, celebration. All in one evening. Wonderful and exhausting. But I think good for all of us.

1) Prepare food for BBQ (grilled veggie salad!!)
2) Shower and dress
3) ALL the family- D.'s and mine arrived.
4) Wonderful time with both families.
5) Realize how blessed we are to have two wonderful families, parents that love us and are healthy, and that actually get along and really enjoy their time together!
6) Fall asleep on couch while socializing (oops!)
7) Ferry home, carrying clothes, good coffee, wine, and wonderful dark chocolate. All of which (except for the clothes) we'd accumulated while on the mainland.
8) Thank God for our car, and the fact that we didn't have to bus home, and drive home.
9) Also thank God for a wonderful bed.
10) Both the bed and the car are only ours due to the generosity of others....think about what wonderful people we know, and how we wouldn't be where we are without them.

In general be thankful.

But be sad we missed Mira and Matthew's wedding, and reconnecting with friends who were here this weekend for that wedding.

Exhausting and wonderful. So many things that are good, and beautiful and right are also so hard and exhausting. God is amazing.

Pictures of this weekend here and here


coramie said...

I could not have summarized it better....thank you. It was amazing!!

Magnificent M said...

What a great post!! I'm so glad you have that car! laughed so hard about the nail polish and the laptop... live on the wild side