Friday, January 05, 2007

Sad Face

Daryl is gone. I'm sad.

Everything, including the drive into the airport went smoothly though. He was able to take a lot of stuff in his checked and carry on baggage, which saves shipping costs, so that's good. The United people were more helpful and friendly than I've ever experienced at the airport before.

He picked up snacks from Trader Joes for the trip, including their turkey jerky. I told him to make sure he ate it before going through customs, to avoid reliving Magnificent M and I's "pepperoni" experience.

But the apartment is really quiet. :-(


Rachel said...

Oh Ty! Sad face is totally understandable - I will try to call u this weekend if u are going to be around.

Your local customs agent said...

Shame on those who attempt to bring over salted, over processed, barely meats across the border. Jerky is more meat than pepperoni so I'm glad you advised your loved one against brining it across. There would have been issues for the King had he attempted to slip such contraband across the international line. We would have called in the dogs for sure...