Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Bits and Pieces

I rediscovered Chilean (is that how you would spell it?) wine tonight. See, when we were in BC - the land of wine being expensive - we often would try out a bottle of Chilean or Spanish wine, because usually they were some of the cheaper bottles of wine. We came accross some really great ones, that were better, in my opinion than many more expensive wines we'd tried.

Since moving here though, we've primarily bought the Charles Shaw 3.00 a bottle wine, and many of the Australian wines we really like, because they are so much more reasonablly priced here.

Tonight though, I wandered into the "Chile" isle at the liquor store, and thought "hmm..." So, I bought a bottle of Merlot from "Sunrise." It is wonderful. I must have some fond memories associated with very similar tasting wines, because the minute I took my first sip I was a) Thinking I'd forgotten how nice Chilean wines are - they have a very different feel to them ; and b) Overwhelmed with a sense of comfort and happiness. No, it wasn't the wine going to my head, it was definately some sort of respondant conditioning.

So, that made me happy.

I also went back to weight watchers tonight. Over the past year or two, between quiting smoking, finishing my undergrad, moving and now commuting by car vs. transit, I have regained enough of my weightloss to make me significantly uncomfortable. And WW works for me, really well. I remembered why when I went tonight. The leader at the meeting I went to was really really great, I loved her style, so I think I'll stick with this meeting time. So, back on the band wagon. Time to rebuild all the little good habits, and break all the little bad habits that have crept in and out of my daily lifestyle.

Funny but painful annecdote:

I sprained my baby finger today. How? I reached down to put on a shoe, and jammed my finger on the wall on the way down. Yep. It is SO painful! How could such a little digit be that painful! I've been shaking my head at myself all day.

My cat:

Has now taken to crawling onto my shoulder while I'm at the computer and rubbing her face up against my head and kneading my back with her claws. She is constantly almost falling off, and "pacing" from one shoulder to the other. It's really really funny, and completely endearing. I think she's definately under attention deprivation now that Daryl isn't at home while I'm at work. Poor cat, she's alone most of the day now!

I miss him too, lots.


Sarah said...

I love Chilean (I think that's how you spell it) wine, too. And respondent conditioning. I think that's what comfort food is all about. That, and starches, lol.
Speaking of which, I have this great recipe for a crab and zucchini risotto that is absolutely fabulous! It is some seriously high-flavour comfort food (and it's even somewhat healthful, too). I can send it to you if you're in the mood. Or perhaps cook it for you/with you once you're back. I think Chilean wine would complement it perfectly!

Congrats on going back to WW, too. I think it's a really great program - do you remember some of the point counts from the last time? Personally, I loved some of the recipes you discovered. I think I adopted WW into my life vicariously through you a little.

Sprains suck. I hope it feels better soon. I guess that's not the kind of injury that might get you a few days off with pay, eh? Next time go for the whole wrist. And a cast.... They're more convincing.

T. said...

The crab and zucchini risotto sounds great!! Can you send me the recipe? When I get back it's you, me, crab and zucchini risotto and a bottle of Chilean wine :-)

No, unfortunately it won't get me out of work lol. There's a girl having and operation on her hand after injuring it at work, and she will have it in a cast and will be back at work 2 days after surgery. So...HA! No way will a baby finger sprain get me anywhere. lol.

Anonymous said...

That is what I love about wine, you can taste the differences from country to country, even area to area. I have yet to find a type of wine I don't like... ha ha ha, with the exception of cheap wines that aren't really wine - like baby duck or arbor mist. There are some great, cheap italian wines too. Oddly enough French wines can be fairly reasonable too. French wines have this silky, smooth taste to them... yumm Are the california wines cheap there too? When we were in California we found lots for $5. What I find is that the bc boutique wines are often more pricey because they are small scale productions and the cheaper wines are the more large scale productions. Both have their place but good wine for cheap $ is always exciting.


Sarah said...

I'll post it on my blog for you...

Anonymous said...

hey beautiful found your bog through an interesting path. googles Amanda Raichelle and you find Sarah's blog (from when we ran into each other this summer), from there found a link to you. Sorry for not keeping in contact, went into a depressionwith my bring new life. coming out of it though :) Happy that ur coming home, and glad your back on WW. Keep yourself busy so you don't miss your guy too badly.
I'll check back again soon :)

Amanda said...

hmm now that blogger has let me sign in let me fix my typo. My life is boring... missing playing on the floor, being in gr 7 is lame. think i need some more wine!

Simply Victoria said...

poor baby finger!
I'll have to check out Chilean wines...