Friday, January 12, 2007

Nerdy Excitement

Today, I just picked up the textbook for one of my masters classes that start January 17th. It's titled "Single Case Experimental Designs," and though I have it on good authority that the first chapter is excruciatingly dry, I am extremely excited. It was kind of like Christmas. There is nothing like cracking open a new text book for the first time. I really love school. I love my field and learning more about it. I'm just a nerd. I think I'll tackle that first chapter this week.

Also - can I just say one more time how much I love Trader Joes? Here are a few highlights from my latest trip through their isles (I didn't buy it all, but these are my favorites):

Frozen Chicken lasagna - with whole wheat noodles, veggies, chicken and ricotta. So good!
The "Salsa combo" in the produce section. A container including tomatoes, lime, chilie pepper, and garlic cloves for 1.99.
David Glass 77% Less Fat Chocolate truffle cake. UN-BE-LIEVE-ABLE. I did buy this. Only six dollars, and I kid you not, absolutely the best dessert I've had in a long time. And only 4 points per piece!
Multigrain rice crisps - 17 for 2 points, and SO good and nutty tasting. Excellent with Roquorfort Blue cheese.

Love it.


Sarah said...

I'm a recent convert to the multi-grain rice crisps. They are good! I ate them with some antipasto that Mr. Santa brought me in my stocking.
And that truffle cake thing-y sounds really good! How much fat is in it per piece?

T. said...

4.5 grams!

king d said...

I miss TJ's already :(

And yes, I did marry quite a nerd. But then again, I spent Christmas money on computer books so I guess I'm not one to speak.

Magnificent M said...

I loooooovvve a new, fresh textbook. The promise of all that learning is intoxicating. I can't wait for you to experience one of the profs... sigh have I warned you about this situation yet? We must talk about that :-)