Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas!

We had a good Christmas. We were able to webcam with both sets of parents while we opened presents yesterday afternoon, watched Micky's Christmas Carol, and had some yummy food.

We had:

Salad with the yummy caramalized bacon, blue cheese, pear, and a raspberry dressing.
Goat cheese and roasted garlic
Castello blue (like a blue brie) cheese, and brie
A beet/blue cheese/apple dip that wasn't all that spectacular.
Olives, pears, olive bread, crackers, and pita chips to go with it all.
Wine, of course.

So, that was our Christmas dinner. I didn't have much energy after a rough day of work, but I did find enough to have a bath with my new excellent bath stuff that I recieved for Christmas, and crawl into my new comfy flannel PJ's.

Today is a 13 hour work day for me, and all the kids will be returning from home visits, and coming down from the Christmas high, so wish me luck! We're supposed to be picking Danika up at the airport after work too!! Very late night.


Sarah said...

Mmm! Merry Christmas! I hope the kids' sugar highs have worn off by now.
Hugs and love to you both!

Magdalen said...

Mmm mmm! Merry Christmas, Christ is Born! Hope you had a blessed wonderful feast. I've been thinking of you!

Michelle said...

Mmm, that salad sounds great, and oddly familiar, though different. It sounds like you had a wonderful meal. Mmmm, blue cheese. Merry CHristmas (belatedly!) and Happy New Year!

Simply Victoria said...

breaks over already?