Monday, December 18, 2006

I have the ticket a matter of speaking. I have the email that confirms my reservation on a flight from Montreal to Vancouver. My mom and dad are coming to visit right before I leave, and they'll be flying into Montreal, renting a car and driving here. We (along with Bastet) will drive back to Montreal to fly out to Vancouver. All of this due to a seat sale at Westjet, and their extra-friendly pet policies.

We just bought Bastet her airline carrier. It's a soft carrier that looks much like a duffle bag. She'll be able to fly in the cabin with me, under the seat in front of me, which is excellent.

Now, two months to get through! Can we have a do-over on Christmas and New Year's when I get home?? Lol.


Sarah said...

I'm *so* in on the do-over! Xmas baking and all. There will also be Stagettes and pre-wedding stuff to plan. I'm very, very excited that you're coming home. Can you tell?!

Rachel said...

Do-over! I love it :)

Anonymous said...

I will leave my christmas tree up for you... of course its live so it might get a little charlie brown but you can admire it beautiful whiteness (all white lights, white and silver and glass ornaments).

I will throw you a New Years eve party to outlive the legends of every party we've ever had!!!


Magdalen said...

Hell, you BET we're having a Christmas/New Year's do-over when you get home. How's turkey sound?


Simply Victoria said...

oh yay! lucky you!
ps: bastet is a __________? (hedgehog, ferret, penguin? :):)

T. said...

Lol! yay for the leaving up of the Christmas trees and do-overs :-).

Bastet is a cat!