Tuesday, December 05, 2006


We're coming home.

It's been in the works for a while, but we didn't want to announce it until everything was settled.

How do we feel about this?
Very happy and excited, but also sad that we didnt' get to finish the year out here.


Main reason: Daryl has been unable to to find work that he can do for a Canadian company, over the internet, from here. So, he cannot work (he's not allowed to work in the US).

I can complete my Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis by distance Ed. I just registered for January classes, and they are going to let me catch up to the September cohort - so I will graduate as if I started classes in September.

So, I will still be completing my MSc, and recieving great training, but in BC.


We've decided to return to Victoria. Daryl has an offer (which he has accepted) for a full time permanent position at a company that he worked for when we were there beofre. He loves working there, so we're really excited about this! Also, I will have the opportunity to train under a fabulous consultant that I was working with before I left Victoria. I'll be able to get the training and supervision I need while there.


Well, Daryl will be returning at the beginning of January, to start work. I will be returning at the very end of February. My contract required that I give 3 months notice, which I have done. My last day of work will be February 24th.

This is the VERY condensed version of our decision-making process ;-)

And yes, this was Magnificent M's mysterious good news a week or two ago. So, no, I am not pregnant ;-).


Magdalen said...



Magnificent M said...

FINALLY! I was dying here. It is too bad that it didn't work out but it is so good for BC. And it will be good for Victoria!!! I'm glad you are coming home :-)

Tabatha said...

OH Fabulous NEWS! What a wonderful St Nicholas present! I am very happy. And almost can't believe it.


though I have already written out and addressed your christmas card. ;)
You will be home for christmas! How awesome is that?!

T. said...

Won't be home for Christmas Tab!! D. will be home in Jan, and me in Feb....so we'll see you then!