Thursday, July 20, 2006

Take away my stuff party??

So I had this idea...I thought - wouldn't it be great if we could combine (stay with me it IS a good idea) visiting with people before we go, and getting rid of our stuff? Like an invite-only-donate-money-to-our-move-and-take-our-stuff-away thing??

Then i was talking with a friend (who's also moving, though not so far, so can cart extra stuff)...tonight and hadn't even mentioned my idea. I was telling her I had spent the afternoon taking pictures of our furniture to post on craigslist. So she got all excited and asked if she could come over and look at our stuff first and have first dibs on buying our stuff. I said "SURE." So, her, and her new baby and her friend came over. They wandered through our house (while I got some "baby action" and) and between the two of them, they are taking 8 or 9 pieces of furniture, and paying for it!! And we had a wonderful visit! They just put post-it's on the stuff they decided to take, with the price we told them. They're picking it up!

So - NO garage sale, NO strangers in your space, NO carting things to a new home, NO listing adds, NO anything!! Just some time visiting with friends, and the potentially (not in this situation) awkward situation of telling a friend how much money they should give you for something. That could be avoided though, by stickering things ahead of time and having a few people over. Some nice coffee and baking and you have an inexpensive social event where you make a little money!

love it? I do!


Magnificent M said...

hmmm, so whats left? who knows, maybe I might like to buy something.... shelving? don't you have a great white shelving unit?? from Ikea? I might be interested in that. post whatcha got!

T. said...

I will post. The white shelving unit is still available :-). Of course it's Ikea...what in our house isn't?? lol

Magnificent M said...

oh, sweet, I am putting possible dibs on that baby! i was just thinking the other day that maybe a shelving unit like that woudl work for me!