Friday, July 07, 2006

Big decisions, little victories.

It feels good to make decisions. We have been agonizing over every little decision, debating and weighing pros and cons and expenses. We are finally getting to the point that some type of decisions are being made. We've found the apartment we want. It's a really nice one bedroom 7-800 square foot "victorian" apartment in an area of town recomended by the people at NECC as one of the better areas in Worcester. It is the 2nd floor in a 3 family building. These are the pics we have of it. I'm excited. I think it will be a good little place for us. It's relatively new, clean, in a good neighborhood, and within our price range. We're just going through working out the details of basically renting an apartment from the other side of the continent. Luckily, we are dealing with a real estate agent, which makes me a little less nervous about it than if we were just dealing with someone who posted an add. This picture (<---) is the view from the porch. I like :-)., we've decided on an apartment, now we just have to wait for the real estate agent to confirm my work situation (call them) and do our reference checks etc. So we'll see, hopefully it will work out.

We've also decided on a car. We found a car that a couple brought here from California, but now want to sell, as the importing fees are so high. So, it's a US car, so WE don't have to import it going into the states. It's a nice little 1998 Nissan 200SX. Good commuting car, in mint condition and it came through with a stellar mechanical inspection. So, it will be a huge relief to have a car we can rely on. SO good stuff.

And can I just give a huge recomendation for Craigslist!! It is basically a huge classifed website where you can post adds and view adds for almost anything. They also have discussion forums around certain topics related to this stuff. I have found, for our move on this website:
1) A car.
2) An apartment.
3) Potential jobs for Daryl.
4) Advice about housing costs, heating costs, living expenses in Worcester.
5) FREE moving boxes from someone who is moving to Victoria this weekend!
6) That we can pretty much furnish an entire apartment when we get there for next to nothing through craigslist.

I think we will list our furniture we're selling on the Victoria Craigslist soon to sell it. You also don't have make any of your personal information available to those who are looking at your post. You can set it up so that they reply to a Craigslist address that gets forwarded to your email. Excellent!

Little victories include 1) Free moving boxes, 2) Sorting through about half the storage closet and heaving out a bag of trash, and another bag of give aways, and a box to store..and well, I think that's it for now :-).

There is still much to do, but making headway in little bits.


Sarah said...

The apartment looks fabulous, Tyla (and Daryl)!!! It sounds like you've been very busy since our last chat, I think you accomplished an awful lot!
And I SO totally know about craigslist - it's a great resource for just about anything you can think of.
(BTW, finished painting the kitchen and it looks pretty neat, think)

T. said...

Excellent! I'm glad the painting went well.Yes, craigslist is excellent -I'm very impressed. All decision making/finding out is on hold as it's the weekend, but I'm hoping by the end of next week we'll have most of the details finalized. *hoping* that is.

Magnificent M said...

Apartment looks very cute! like the living room windows.

T. said...

me too - it's the "turreted" livingroom. A lot of the buildings there are these type of three story buildings with three apartments. They have a turret running up one side - that creates those livingrooms. Even the crappy apartments have hardwood floors and that livingroom - so they look nice in pics. I'm SO glad we have people to tell us what areas are nice and icky. Hopefully we'll find out tomorrow whether we have the apt. or not.

Magnificent M said...

yeah, that helps a lot. I was so fortunate to have the same in both of my long distance moves as on one of them I almost moved into a really scary at night neighborhood! Its shocking how normal something can look by day and how drastically diff it can be by night!

T. said...

Unfortunately the tenants decided to stay in this apartment. We SO had it...but alas. There must be a better on out there for us.