Sunday, July 09, 2006

Holiday at home weekend...

This weekend has felt somewhat like a holiday, even though it's been jam-packed, AND I worked. Thursday night, we spent with friends having dinner and watching a mutually favorite, now-retired TV series, (ehhem...Buffy). We haven't spent much time with them, and I so wish we had before now. It was so relaxing and enjoyable. Good company, good food, good chocolate, good TV viewing. Good times :-). Friday night we had movie night togehter and Saturday I worked in the morning. We went for a run together afterwards, had the afternoon together, went to Church, where we prayed a beautiful Akathist to Christ - it is my favorite one, and so wonderful to pray. We then went over to another friends house for a games night afterwards. Again, people we don't spend enough time with! We had wine, games, snacks, and good conversation. Very fun. Our priest and deacon were both away this weekend, so we didn't have a liturgy this morning, but had a reader's service (a prayer service). We had a liesurely morning, breakfast (yummy cereal and fresh blueberries) and coffee on the deck, then went to Church. There was something very special about so few of us gathering together to pray. It was an intimate service, with almost everyone in attendance "doing" something - be it singing or reading or otherwise. It was a peaceful and strengthening prayerful time.

After Church, we had some lunch and coffee with everyone at the Church. Oh - as a side bar - someone brought potato salad (WAIT!) but made with olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper, green onions and olives with potatoes. It was really really good!! Ok, so AFTER Church, we went accross the highway to Elk Lake, and we rented a WATER BIKE. It was excellent!! It seats two, is impossible to peddal, and takes gargantuan effort to get anywhere. BUT- It was a great workout, and very amusing and we had a blast!! I decided, once we were in the middle of the lake that the water felt warm, and that I should hop off for a swim. Ya, the water was warm...but ummmm...water bikes are not designed for re-mounting mid-lake. I was literally hanging with my legs wrapped around the bars leading from the back to front wheels, with Daryl hauling on my one arm while trying to keep the bike from tipping, flailing my other arm trying to wing myself back up onto the bike. I somehow managed to make it back onto the bike, but it was a serious escapade. If daryl had come swimming too we would have had to tow the bike back in! We had an afternoon of purging/organizing and planning the move, and a good dinner. I have figured out how to make panini type sandwiches at home! Sourdough bread - one side spread with pesto, then tiny bit of shredded cheddar, then sliced chicken breast, tomato and artichoke hearts, then a bit of feta, and another tiny bit of cheddar. Put the second slice on top, brush one side of the sandwich with olive oil, and put it in a grill pan. I put a pot, with an unopened jar of pickled in the pot on top of the sandwiches to squash them, then brush the second side with olive oil, flip and replace the pot/pickle contraption. Cut in half and serve with mixed greens and a glass of wine. SUPER good!

So, all of this combined to make this weekend feel a bit like a holiday, even though we were at home, accomplished quite a bit, and still worked a bit. I think it was the lake visit, and spending time with friends. We often cut out socializing, due to time constraints, and being so tired etc that we just want to curl up and watch a movie together. Have to remember how reviving it can be to spend that time with friends instead.

I am so thankful that we are able to find peace and joy in the midst of the scary and busy moving maddness. God is good.


Magnificent M said...

I laughed so hard at the water bike escapade that J got off his butt and wandered in to see what was so funny! I attempted to read it out loud but not sure I was understandable.

sounds like a fun weekend. And yeah, God is so Good :-) Its hard to believe sometimes how amazing His love is.

T. said...

I know! You would have died had you been able to see the water bike escapade!! We just about killed ourselves laughing!

Magdalen said...

Hey babe!
Miss you. Who exactly are these Buffy watching friends of yours? Have I met them? Tell them that they rock.
Whoever will I have silly Buffy nights with after you're gone? sigh.
Rhiannon's busy converting Greg, so there's potential. Did you hear that she's pregnant?
love ya.

T. said...

yes! I did hear she's pregnant! It was Dn.Kevin and Tab we had the Buffy night with! It was great :-).

Miss you too!!