Thursday, July 13, 2006

Purging, running and cooking

Today was productive, but for some reason I"m left feeling somewhat "blah" - like it wasn't productive. Not sure why...Anyhoo.

I worked in the am, then spent the afternoon 1) Purging our kitchen 2) Cleaning 3) Cooking a roast and 4) Going for a run with Daryl.

I managed to pull out 3 boxes of dishes and odds and ends that are non-essential and we do not love enough to store, as well as several small kitchen appliances that are partially broken, old, or almost never used. I also started sorting through a rubbermaid bin of old school/work stuff. I think most of it will be chucked and/or shredded. I'm keeping the larger papers I wrote and stuff, but that's about it. So, Hoping to get one rubbermaid down to one folder of stuff.

I cooked a roast!! This is a rare thing for me. We rarely eat red meat, mostly b/c I really don't like or no how to cook it without a recipe. But we had a certain type of roast at a friends house that we loved. So, standing in front of the meat counter I phoned her and asked "what type of roast do I get??" I then googled it, to try to get some ideas for cooking it, and melded several "recipes" together to come up with this:

1 Cross Rib roast - I rubbed it with a paste of fresh rosemary, crushed garlic, thyme, kosher salt, fresh ground pepper and olive oil. I then seared it in a frying pan (they say you're supposed to do this), then put it in a baking pan with potatoes, carrots, garlic, and 2 cups of water and covered with foil. Cooked for about 2 hours, and it was done! Pretty tasty. I think I overcooked it a bit - I didn't have a meat thermometer and was afraid of under cooking it.

It was ready early, and we went for a run when Daryl went home, then had dinner. The cheese man came today at Daryl's we had some brie and smoked cheddar with our wine for dessert. I ate too much of it though!!

We've just completed week 1 of our "couch to 5 k" running program. It starts off very easy and gradually builds you up week by week until you're running 5k. You run 3 times per week, with the difficulty building on a weekly basis. So, next week we up the intensity a bit. It feels good to run again (well, really "Jog" not "run"). I always forget how good it feels. And it's really nice to run with Daryl. I love working out with him :-).

Anyhoo...laundry and more packing calls...


Magnificent M said...

okay, so I saw some people on a water bike while in Kelowna... I've never seen those before! I remembered you and laughed and laughed and laughed! I now understand why it was so difficult to get back on... didn't realize how high the seat was out of the water! Ha! You poor thing!

T. said...

lol! I know! You look at it on land, and think "no problem, I could get back up on it from in the water" - it didn't even occur to me that it might be a problem. But then in the water it's crazy high!! SO funny. You should try one!

Magnificent M said...

When I come over to Victoria, I'm driving! We can do WHATEVER you want ;-). BTW, thought I would come over on the 6th... what time do you want me and do you need me to drive something somewhere. I'm probably coming in Jenny the Jetta not Piggy the pathfinder but if you really need something large moved may be able to change that :-)

you, me, water bike, swimsuits and a little challenge??

Magdalen said...

Mmm, I want some roast!
How ya doing? We're good. Camp went great.
Rhiannon finally got her butt to Mother Anna, she told her that she's exercising too much, and that she's 7 weeks along. Weeiird.
Love you!