Saturday, April 26, 2008

What the?!

So, at about 3am this morning, I woke up. I thought "why am I awake?" (I rarely wake up once I'm asleep)., no cat clawing at the, no husband up and moving around. Why am I...AH! I suddenly felt SO ill I can't even explain it. Once before my stomach felt this bad, and it was when I had a horrible flu and a fever of 104. It was so sudden! So, I was up, sick, for the next two hours. I won't share the details (TMI for blogging relationships), but I could NOT believe how suddenly and crazy sick I was! I crawled on to the couch, not wanting to go too far, and after about 2 hours or so I think, I fell back asleep on the couch. Woke up this morning with stomach in tact, but feeling really drowsy and with actually sore stomach muscles!

I didn't have a fever or anything, so it must have been some type of food poisoning...but I can't think from what? I didn't eat much yesterday, and no meat, seafood, or anything else like that that typically causes food poisoning. Weird. So, now, at 1pm I've finally showered and am drowsily trying to get myself sorted out and complete the work I have to do today.

Of course this happens the morning before Pascha! Ug! I will try to nap later today I think. DH looked very tired this morning as I'm wondering if my being up kept him up. He trooped off to Church, but I stayed home. Maybe we will both nap later today after work and Pascha preparations are done. It's kind of sad though...I don't feel much like picking out goodies for our Pascha baskets! Hopefully by later in the day I will :-).
- Work on conference presentation
- Finish work for one of my clients
- Try to go into on-site work for a couple of hours
- Buy food for Pascha baskets
- Tidy house so it's nice and clean when we get home
- Decide what to wear for Pascha.

Definately I will start thinking about the wardrobe early. Last night, I decided I wanted to dress up a bit for the Holy Friday service. I preceeded to try on about 10 outfits, all of which looked not right, ended up wearing everyday clothes and feeling gross and frustrated. But then, at Church, a wonderful person told me I looked really great tonight. I didn't look amazing or really any different than normal...but it's like she knew I needed the boost :-). So thanks, A.


Anonymous said...

Sick sucks. Blech. Have a great Holy Week despite all that.

Sarah said...

oh no! That DEFINITELY sounds like food poisoning... and I've heard that unwashed lettuce and fruits and veggies can be terrible for giving people food poisoning, so it's not just meats and dairy products that can give it to you. But seriously, ugh! and hugs!

and Happy Pascha! I hope your baskets were great! :)

T. said...

Thanks guys! Whatever it was cleared by in time for Pascha. It was great as usual, and we treated oursleves to a bunch of yummy cheeses from Ottavio's, an Italian deli here...mmmm...

Magnificent M said...

I second Sarah, defintely food poisoning. Had it last year in October after an expensive evening at a fundraiser... like Sarah said it can come from anything. Apparently Norwalk is a food poisoning, which I didn't know, and they think that is what I had and it was horrid. That sudden onset and horrific violence of it is the worst. But sounds like you recovered quickly which is good. Glad you were able to enjoy Pascha as I know you were looking forward to it!!