Thursday, April 17, 2008


Well, I finshed the paper and sent it off, for better or for worse (I'm feeling like it's more likely the latter). Yesterday was one of "those" days. I woke up late, started work on my paper. At about 11:30am I hit print, showered, got all my materials together for work and headed out for a team meeting. Realized on the way there that I hadn't eaten at all, ran the 3.5 hour training session, picked D. up from work, buzzed to post office to mail paper, then went to Church. Church was good. I love presanctified litrugies, and I hate when I don't get to many of them during lent.

I was going to go into work after Church, but just couldn't do it. Feeling too gross. Came home, ate, crashed.

I am supposed to go to the mainland this weekend for a conference, but am debating not going. I've paid for it and am supposed to be driving people over, so not sure if this will work out, but I just am so behind and so tired and not healthy yet and need the weekend to recoup and catch up. Not to mention, the following weekend it Pascha, and then I'm back on the mainland the weekend after that! I think I need to get to the Dr. to get antibiotics, as it feels like this cold has become a sinus infection (I always get them, not a big deal), but I can't see any time to actually go to the Dr. before the weekend either!

We will see.

I'm also feeling a very big draw to clean. My kitchen is a disaster, the rest of the house is messy, as I haven't been home much the last two days, and have been working on my paper whenever I was, so things have deteriorated into quite a state of disaray. Can't see anytime to clean either, if I'm going to the mainland.

But, my husband just brought me a fresh cup of coffee. That is good.

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coramie said...

You have a very nice do I..and the thing about very nice husbands is they seem to know just when to bring you that fresh cup of coffee!!
Take care!!