Monday, April 28, 2008


These photos are from Paschal Vespers yesterday..we forgot the camera at the actual Paschal service. Pascha was beautiful and wonderful as always this year. I think the service wound up around 3am this year, and we left after feasting and celebrating at about 4:30am I think. Yesterday we slept in late and then headed back to Church for Paschal vespers.

I love the "feel" of Paschal vespers. I love everyone trailing in....most of us running late, but not concerned. Everyone still looking a little drowsy, but contented and happy. I love the look of the Church, still beautifully adorned, but with the addition of flower petals strewn throughout the sanctuary, from the celebration that night before (at our church, the priest throws flower petals at us during the Paschal service :-). The church looks like a huge celebration happened the night before.
We then had a big feast, lots of tasty food, then headed home to wind down for a while. Later in the evening we headed over to some friends' for a game of Settlers of Catan. It was an excellent night. We had port, wine, a bunch of cheeses we hadn't tried before, and my poor DH tried desperately to keep the game moving despite everyone's chatter and even a little dancing to MJ. Excellent. Suitably DH won, and we all agreed he deserved to win, as he's the only thing that kept the game together!
And, I think my sinus infection is finally gone; which is good, as I'm almost done the antibiotics. So, I feel renewed after Pascha, like summer is finally arriving, and mostly healthy (it's been a while!). I'm hoping that this will mean I can get back on top of all my work and school stuff, and get back on the bandwagon for my healthy eating and get back to the gym. Being sick put a crimp in all of that.


coramie said...

Sounds like Pascha was wonderful. A haven of peace and joy in a chaotic time. I am so glad it was good for you.....and....I'm glad that you're free of that nasty sinus infection. Onwards and upwards!!!

Sarah said...

I love these pictures, Tyla. I love that you posted one of D. in his robes, too, (or at least I think that's him). Your church is really beautiful!

I hope you're staying hale and healthy, too. Here we've succumbed to yet another virus. Miles was home Monday and Tuesday with a fever. :) We got in some much-needed snuggles over those two days, so it was kind of fun, too.

T. said...

aw thanks! ya, it was good.

I have been relatively healthy, but just today (you know a few days after I've finished the last round of antibiotics)...I'm starting to feel sick again. LAME!

Hope Miles feels better soon! Have you picked up the virus from him?