Sunday, March 02, 2008


D. has been working on the mainland for the last week. I had to work on the mainland Friday, then had a meeting in Van. on Friday evening, and had to work in the morning on Sat on the mainland.

Friday was a VERY long day, as I took the 7am ferry over (which means leaving home at 5:45am), worked all day till about 3pm then drove straight out to Van for a somewhat..hmm necessary but perturbing work meeting with good potential (i know...confusing). I went out for dinner with a number of colleagues after the meeting, and that was definitely rejuvenating. Being on the island it is easy to feel isolated, and I don't get many chances to connect with colleagues. It was a great dinner out.

The best part about the day was that it ended with seeing my husband! Since he had the hotel all weekend for work, we stayed at the hotel and had a COMPLETE mini-retreat. It was excellent. We literally spent the whole time (that I wasn't working) relaxing, ordered in a Massive sushi feast, which was excellent, as sushi is twice as expensive here in Vic so we rarely have the sushi feasts we used to when living on the mainland. We slept so much, had so much good, relaxing time together and even ordered room service for breakfast!! I don't think we realized how badly we needed some good quality time together until we had it. It really did feel like we were much further away than we were, and really managed (amazingly) to forget about the rest of the world for a couple of days. Now, sadly, I'm home without him - he's on the mainland for another week. But that makes me all the more thankful for a wonderful weekend with him. I love my husband :-). (At risk of an Internet version of PDA).