Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Big Give

I just finished watching (I think) the first episode of "Oprah's Big Give." Okay, let me preface this with a few things.

1) Yes, I know, Oprah is making LOADS of money off of this show.
2) I know, it is mostly a brilliant marketing plan for a TV show - it combines both the "reality" TV thing, with the extreme home makover, emotional, make-you-cry-every-time "reveal" angle.
3) I AM one of "those" people who cries at the end of almost every episode of extreme home makeover,

All that said, I think, if you're going to make loads of money off of a reality show, this is the most "ethical" way to do it. Lol.
I love that in every episode, at least 3-5 people/families/groups in need will be helped. I like that it shows what can be done with detemination. That it spotlights people and causes and issues that are important. I am a sucker for this type of thing....that said, this one episode did cause me to think about what can be done. To think about all those things I want to see happen, and think about the reality of what is needed to make them happen. There are goals and dreams I have about ways I want to "give back." Strong convictions I have about certain issues...and I will keep watching. Mostly because this show, at the very least gives an insight into the strategy, management and sales skills necesary to make those types of dreams a reality. I mentioned above, I KNOW that this show is primarily a business enterprise. It is being produced to make money. Oprah's "persona" is being used as a marketing tool to bring in more viewers, and to make even more money. But, being that there are LOADS of reality/big reveal shows out there preying on our guilt of consumption...I think that this one may be one of the more beneficial ones to watch :-).

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