Monday, November 26, 2007

Sleepless in Victoria

Well, I'm up early, b/c D. was taking the 7am ferry over to the mainland for work, and I took the opportunity to get up early with him in hopes of getting lots done today.

I had a really hard time going to sleep last night. My brain was whirling at breakneck speed thinking about:
-Client A
- Client B
- Potential thesis topics and exactly how I could execute said potential research. I thought about this in way too much detail when I didn't have a pen or pencil and paper or computer to record my thoughts. Can I remember what I was thinking about now? Not so much.
- My to do list for today and this week.
- That I couldn't sleep.
- That I may be keeping D. up with my tossing and turning when he had to get up early.
- Concentrating on laying still while I was thinking about everything else to minimize the disruption to D.

Lol! Now I'm debating showering and going into work uber early to get a good start on the day...or to stay at home and do my work from home and school stuff. I think I may go out to work so I can then come home and have a longer period of time to get things done in when I get back.

Bastet is confused - she is doing her weird dog thing (if I haven't told you about this yet - she has this stuffed dog she has a bizarre relationship with. Late at night, usually about 10 min after we go to bed she carries it around and meows in this bizarre meow that is a combination of the way mother cats meow to their kittens, and a predatory meow. She has a very bizarre relationship with this dog). It's morning Bastet, not evening!! lol!


Magnificent M said...

ugh, I've had those nights. Try some melatonin next time, it works wonders!

Anonymous said...

your sleepless nights sound much like mine! thesis, and students, and thesis, and research, and homework, and why can't i sleep?! I have been there girl. in fact, i'm there! Ha! hope the sandman visits you soon!

Sarah said...

(Please note the time this message was posted)

:D Just sent away another conference proposal