Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Our weekend away!

We had an excellent weekend away.

We started in Nanaimo on Friday night. As usual, we were flurried and rushed trying to get out of town, but made it onto the highway not too far behind schedule. We spent an excellent Friday night with friends in Nanaimo. There was good food, wine and even some juggling, MJ, and many other good tunes. The next day we went to Coombs Market (had the best samosa I've had in years there!)..but alas there were no goats on the roof. I did score some strained tomatoes (I know, exciting only for a very few people), "sticky toffee" cheese, geman ginger cookies (spekulates...sp?), and a few other things. I love Coombs. I managed to restrain myself and didn't load the truck up with random dishes and decorative items, but I did kick myself for not bringing the cooler!

We then headed to Comox to visit some other friends. We had coffee with D., who was our lone Canadian friend in Mass., and who has since also moved home and was visiting family in Comox. We stayed with some other frineds and had a WONDERFULLY lazy day and a half. Saturday we slept in, went out for brunch, picked up some firewood and went back to their place. These friends are house-sitting in a house with a wood-burning fire place. So, we stoked the fire and spent the day lazing around, visiting with some people who stopped by, listening to music, playing dutch blitz and just relaxing by the fire! After a run for dinner ingredients, we made a yummy dinner of homemade meatballs and pasta and apple crisp for dessert. Played more dutch blitz, and watched the crazy storm (winds were up to 100km in Comox).

Yesterday we woke up to no power, went out for breakfast again, then went for a drive. Problem was, it was hard to go for a drive, because there were trees down accross all the roads!! It was mad! There was even one of those giant trampolines with the safety netting that had lifted up and flipped over an 8ft fence and landed on the side of the road on the other side of the fence!! Insane!

Anyhoo....we made it home safely, and I begrudgingly went back to work 2 hours after getting home at 9pm, and am just about to get ready to head out again this morning.

It was a great weekend though, much needed!!

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Sarah said...

I've been meaning to write and keep forgetting, but your weekend sounded fabulous. It made me want to have my own little Island weekend and go to Coombs, and do stuff. I miss you, I hope you had a good week and school is well and all that.

Love 'n stuff!