Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Where in the world has my blogger life gone?

I was humming "Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?" as I typed that...Anyhoo..

I've been a blogging slacker lately. Various things occur to me throughout the day or week, that would be good blog topics, but I haven't quite gotten to the signing in and blogging part yet!


We have found an apartment. After much adue, we've found a 2 bedroom + den place. It's ground level, and though it has a smaller kitchen, it does have a deep freeze, the extra den, and a nice patio. It also doesn't have a lease, so we'll have a chance to live in it for a while, and if we find it's not ideal, we can always find a new place. I am just SO relieved that we've found something. Daryl literally looked at/called/investigated close to 15 places in the last 2 weeks, taking up large amounts of time! The landlords at this place are also wonderful, and that makes a big difference.

I still, after reposting 2 times, and posting an ad on the bulliten board at work have not had one response about our car!! I'm so irritated, because I would give anything to be able to keep this car, because I love it, and it's in such great shape! But I have to get rid of it before I go!

My parents will be here in just over a week! I'm very excited to get to show them around, and have them visit. Our MA life seems like a bit of an island - no one from our west coast life has seen it, so it's exciting to be able to show them around, and have them here. It will be so helpful to have them here to help me get everything packed up and on it's way too.

Our landlord here (who is wonderful) has offered (and we've accepted) to buy all our furniture and everything else we want to leave from us before we leave. She'll be paying us literally exactly what we spent furnishing the apartment, which is amazing! I won't have to deal with posting things on Craigslist, having people come look at them, and worrying what to do with things I can't get rid of. Also, we know for sure we won't be loosing anything financially on the furniture part of the move. It also means I'll have a fully furnished apartment up until the day I leave!

My work is completely set up for when I return. I'm going to be working with two different supervisors, both of whom I've worked with before and learned a lot from, and both with clients I've worked with before, but in a different role. I'm very excited about returning and getting to work with these clients, and supervisors again, but in a different role, where I will learn so much.

I'm actually getting a bit sad about leaving. I will really miss the students I work with here, and I've actually made some good friends while here, that I will be very sad to leave. It's really funny. In 3 years in Victoria, I think I really didn't make more than 1 new friend completely on my own. There were people that I became friends with through Church, but not one person, really, that I became close with that I met through work or school or any other route. But, here, in 5 months, I have become quite close to a number of people, and it's getting a bit hard to think about not going to work here again. About not seeing them on a daily basis and going for our after-work pub nights, and watching grey's anatomy with them etc. I think it is the nature of this job though, in this setting. Our students and positions are very challenging, and we spend a LOT of time together. It would really be impossible to avoid making some close friends along the way. MA is just so far away though - I know I won't likely see them again soon. So, the sad part of leaving is finally starting to sink in. I'm still SO excited to go home, to see everyone, and to get started in my new work positions. Most of all, I'm dying to get home to my husband - life just isn't right without him. But, I am finally starting to feel sad about leaving - I think the realization that my parents will be here in just over a week has made the leaving part more real.

Long ramble. But that's where I'm at.


Magnificent M said...

I am so glad you guys found a place! Sounds huge! Great to hear you'll be working with both supervisors too, that is fantastic. I will pray about your car for you, hopefully something will happen too.

Simply Victoria said...

life sounds so busy for you.
and you don't even have kids yet!

Sarah said...

SO much to say, so little time. Thanks for the post, though. I know what you mean about not making it to the computer. I've become a blogger ghost, too.
Miss you. Hugs.