Saturday, February 24, 2007

Almost there...

I've finished work now, and the car has sold. It's almost time to head home. I had to say goodbye to my students on Thursday, and to my co-workers yesterday. It was hard, and there was lots of crying, but I am very excited to be heading home soon.

Last night a bunch of people from work all went out for Thai food and to go back to someones house for what I thought was just a typical night out. The Thai was excellent, and then we went back to one friend's house. I walked into the kitchen and there were streamers, and balloons and signs posted everywhere saying "We'll miss you T." I was overwhelmed. It was a goodbye party for me. No one's ever thrown me a party like that. They also knew me well enough to know that I would do back flips over the Ikea gift card they gave me (even though Ikea isn't quite the phenomenon here that it is in Canada). I absolutely could not believe it. We had a wonderful night - it was the perfect ending to my time here. I managed to hold it together while I was there, but when I walked in the door at home this morning (I stayed over night there), I finally realized I had just said goodbye to so many amazing people, and I cried. A lot.

As I mentioned, the car sold, for less than we were hoping, but just in a knick of time, which is a big relief! Now I just have to do the rest of the packing and somehow read, and hopefully study the material for my two exams on Monday. Oi! It's maddness.

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Simply Victoria said...

moving again! wow. I will keep you in my prayers. you modern day nomads. God be with you.