Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow day?

Well, we finally got some snow....not as much as expected (only a few inches) but it's here nonetheless. Fortunately, I'm using my last 20 hours of vacation time and taking today and tomorrow off, so I don't need to trudge into work. So I can have a real snow day.

BUT - I was supposed to write two exams this morning, and the college that I write them at (that proctors my exams) is closed today due to the weather, and I cannot contact anyone there. The problem with this is that my exams are only available for a 3 day window - if you don't write them in that window, you get a 0. Today is the last day to write for one of the exams (and the first day for the other). So I've emailed my prof pleading with him to allow me to access the exam tomorrow or Friday, so that I can reschedule them. Oi.

The good part though is that I was really not ready for these exams - I let the studying get away from me, and was up till 1am last night studying, and woke up at 6am to continue. So now I'll shower and study my butt off all day, get totally prepared for these two tests, and start my reading for the next tests.

Though the warm cozy bed is looking very inviting. I'll go to the cafe accross the street to study so I'm not tempted.


Sarah said...

Mmm. A warm, cosy bed would be nice right about now. It's a typical rainy Vancouver day today and I would really rather be anywhere but out in the world. Good luck with studying and tests!

Magnificent M said...

you are better off calling said prof... he doesn't do email very well.

Amanda said...

Hope it all works out for you luv!Has the car moved closer to a resolve yet?
Enjoy your last days and looking forward to seeing you soon!