Friday, December 05, 2008

Detox never tasted SO good!

I just made these two recipes. They were in the most recent issue of Food and Wine. This was the first time I'd bought this magazine, and it's a great magazine.

Here is the Kale and Avacado Salad recipe. This is super filling. I think I could half the amount of avacado and still feel satisfied :). This was my brunch today. So yummy.

Here is the Lemony Quinoa Salad recipe. This is SO yummy and refreshing. Quinoa is the super grain. The serving size is a bit small on this one. So, it may be best either doubled, or plan to have it with a green salad or something. I doubled the recipe and will eat it as a snack later on.

What I love about both of these recipes is that they are fresh with no processed foods, and they are both vegan/fast friendly so are perfect for this time of year. I'm about to go enter them into sparkpeople to see what the nutritional information for vitamins and minerals is for them...I'm sure it will be great.

Can you tell I have two case studies to finish and a pile of work to do? Why else would I blog twice in one day :)


Simply Victoria said...

awesome! thanks for those recipes. I am a big fan of kale.
I've heard about quinoi, but have never tried it. I just wiki'ed it and found out what a miracle food it is.
It's a complete protein! very good news for fasting (and non-fasting periods)
it's so versatile too. wiki suggested it as a high protein breakfast grain, with milk and berries and honey served with it. yum! I'm going to have to pick some up today.

T. said...

Quinoa is the BEST. It is so filling, as you said is a full protein and has a really great nutty flavour. You can do it up sweeter as a breakfast thing or savory as a dinner thing, or just eat it like rice! I think the two best food discoveries I"ve made in the last couple of years are Quinoa and Kale.

Anonymous said...

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