Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I like about being home:
- Living with my husband (eating, sleeping, cleaning, anything).
- Being able to go to my gym.
- Having my "morning time" to watch the news, check email and have breakfast.
- Planning meals and grocery shopping

I am stressed about:
- My test today
- My case studies I've yet to make much progress on
- Tuition due dates looming
- My thesis proposal meeting on Nov. 10. This is my number 1 stress.
- The truck needing a tune up and brake inspection and likely new brakes and tires.

I am looking forward to:
- Catching up on work and school.
- Dinner with my husband
- Cooking something fun on the weekend
- DECLUTTERING on the weekend!!!

1 comment:

Simply Victoria said...

yes, decluttering will take up most of my weekend too. blech.
good luck with your thesis proposal.
it will feel so good when it's done, eh?