Wednesday, September 10, 2008


This is belated news (I found out a week or so ago, but can't let go of it!).

Simi Sara and Dave Gerry have been fired from breakfast television. Simi is gone from city cooks too.

I know this is a bit sad, but they've become a staple in my morning routine. It's all wrong without them.

I've always been a loyal morning news person - it fits well as I am one of those people who needs to have time to have breakfast, check email, watch the news and take my time getting ready for the day. BTV has been my morning news show of choice for the last few years. Sad. they were SO good.


Simply Victoria said...

you should write them a letter.

T. said...

I did already! The morning I realized what was going on!

Magnificent M said...

LMAO!!!! Sigh. You make me laugh!